Hi, I'm Kara-Anne Cheng.

I partner with business owners all over the world to build their brands and breathe new life into their online spaces. Four years of working with countless businesses from boudoir photographers to health coaches has helped me focus my resources to help business owners like you with not only a refreshed brand and website, but also a business that's more profitable, fun to run and inspiring.

Let me help you bring legacy into business, and sit back while we watch your business transform.



For the longest time...

I struggled with depression and anxiety, trying to find true happiness and fulfilment living life and growing my business. It felt like I was always trying to keep up with someone, something, some trend... And that I always fell short. 

After a particularly mediocre year, I desperately tried to find out what was wrong with me. I was doing work that I loved, making money from it, and I still felt empty. What I loved slowly felt like "just another job." And I certainly didn't go into entrepreneurship to feel like that. 

I thought I had to be perfect to live my legacy and make impact. I thought I had to become worthy - somehow - of being a leader or boss. The imaginary threshold set by what I was constantly being told online (and offline) had to be crossed before I could fully embrace what I was doing and believe that what I did had true meaning.

That was the biggest lie I could've told myself so that I could stay stuck, procrastinate and justify my lack of putting myself out there. 

And then there was legacy...

Perfection stifled me from living out my legacy. The truth was, life is the big picture, made up of the small things we get done on a daily basis.

And the secret to ditching perfection was simple: do the small things, do it well, and do it often.

Looking at my life like that changed my perspective on legacy. I could now focus on the small things, instead of being overwhelmed with the large things I was told to chase and could never acquire fully. 

so today...

I help people (like you!) find purpose in the seemingly ordinary, ditch perfection, and be truly happy living life. I carry this message when transforming brands and online spaces so businesses can reflect their legacy in the work they do (and that, is the secret sauce to a successful and joyful business).


Want to talk more about what a legacy business is?