SBH: Knowing when you need help

In this hyper-connected, super idea-abounding world of the Internet, you can do almost anything yourself. You can Google how to fold your clothes perfectly, use a drag-and-drop to create your own website, or learn copywriting through an eCourse. Costs are relatively low but choices are too many to count. And it is tempting, as a business owner, to try to do everything yourself. There can be a myriad of reasons to choose to DIY (trust issues, money etc.) but eventually we need to draw the line, right? To learn to know when we need help so we can focus on doing what matters most to build our legacy.

Your genius is much more refined than you think. You are able to do a million and one things, because you are brilliant and awesome, but at the end of the day, you want to focus on your genius. Because that's where all the magic happens.

I've compiled 5 signs that show that you need help in your business, because knowing when you need help is the first step. The rest can come later, slowly, while you figure out an action plan to weed out the extras and focus on your genius.


Sign 1: You have less and less time to do the extras.

We're all about high-touch customer service at The Petite Co. - because this is where the market is heading. No one wants to speak to a robot that is unfeeling, unsympathetic and insensitive. We want real human interaction, and we want to feel special. We want to feel like what we paid for was worth something and so much more. So there's always an extra "little something" for all of my beloved customers.

But some days, it feels so overwhelming, and I'm so busy doing all the small things in my business that I have no time for extras. I have no extra time to make my client feel extra special, no time to over-deliver and no time to really sit down and listen.

But that won't do, will it? If you find that you have less and less time to treat your customers right... It's time to streamline your process and make some changes.

Sign 2: You feel that your business is ready for more.

Your business is doing great, but you are at a loss on how to expand, or improve. You are at the point where you feel like your business is ready for an up-level, and more needs to be done. You want to serve more, to impact more, to do more for others.

If you feel that way, chances are you need to start looking outward for all the small things that don't really light your heart on fire, and focus on those that do.

Sign 3: You realize that you're quickly becoming Jack.

Jack who, you say? Jack-of-all-trades, that's who! I was so used to DIY-ing stuff in my business that I realized I wasn't focusing on improving my genius, but instead learning bits and pieces of things everywhere. Even learning about things that don't truly excite me, but I just want to learn more so I don't have to use help. It's ridiculous... Remember you could be spending time upgrading your genius. See your genius as a game, and in that game, the maximum level is 100. There are loads of other mini-games, but those don't help you level up your genius, they are merely fun and perhaps give you a gold coin or two.

Would you spend time collecting the few gold coins or would you spend time getting to that level 100?

My dear friends, there are specializations for a reason. We are all put here for different legacies. Don't try to live out someone else's.

Sign 4: You are slowly (or quickly) getting frustrated at the business.

Some days you just don't wanna deal with it all anymore. You want to throw in the towel, snuggle under the bedcovers and be done with it. You feel that your business has evolved into something that you don't like, even though you still enjoy some parts of it. You feel like it's all getting out of control and too hard.

This is what happens when you step out of your genius zone too much, too often, for too long. Find the parts that still excite you, that still make your heart sing. And the rest? Make the changes to drop the frustrations. Focus on your genius.

Sign 5: You have been stagnant for a long time.

It feels like you've been doing quite a bit, but you're not moving forward. You are not significantly getting better at what you do, you are not bringing in more new clients, you are just... y'know, getting by. There is no explosion, no fireworks, no new exclamations of "oh my gosh you have to hear this!" to your best friend.

My friend, you need to step back into your genius zone pronto. By changing your mindset to maximize your business efficiency, productivity and creativity, you can truly hone in and refine your genius, and do what you're supposed to do for your business. No one said that you had to be the accountant, the web designer, the copywriter, the lawyer and everyone else... You just have to do you.

Sometimes we've gotta let go, take a step back and look at our businesses. Sometimes it's worth it to let someone else take charge in their zone of genius and do your own thing. Don't try to do it all alone and get haphazard, sub-par results, instead, choose to do what you do best and present your best foot forward to your clients with a team. :) I know it's hard and scary and worst of all, you might think that you have no budget for something like this. But remember, your time is money - weigh your own hourly rate against someone who could help you. Obviously as business owners, we gotta choose the more cost-effective and productive option.

If you realize that you need some strategizing help, or you need your branding solidified and a gorgeous online presence, hit me up here. I'm always happy and available to chat so that I can lessen your load and help you focus on your genius.