Become :: A new season

I thought for a long time on what to name this blog entry, and how to start it. Forgive me, I haven't been consistently blogging in a while, and 2016 seems to want to obliterate itself from existence because my Wordpress backups of my years of blog posts failed to import, and my design archive files for last year decided it was going to be corrupt when I tried to unzip it.

I digress. But not really.

Become is my word of 2017. The word is a constant reminder of letting go and letting God take the reins, and letting Him sculpt me instead of constantly striving to make something of myself. 2016 was a hard year (for me as well as everyone else, it seems). I struggled long and hard with depression and anxiety, even though on the surface it seemed like everything was pretty much perfect. I had a new, beautiful home to work in, a growing international business and a loving husband... What could be wrong?

2016 threatens to obliterate itself from my memory like it did from the memories of my Wordpress and Dropbox. It went by in an anxious, frantic blur. I was lost, far away from God, sensitive and difficult to be around (for my husband, mainly, no one else was in the splash zone). 

So here lies my new blog. A new season for The Petite Company and also for myself. The Petite Co. has gone through a true "legacy-style" refresh, with more streamlined services that are zoomed in on helping business owners all over the world build beautiful brands with legacy and joy. Because in my struggle, I realized that what I wanted to do was really simple. To learn to embrace the imperfections and messes of the day-to-day in life and in business, and to work hard on building the legacy I wanted to leave behind, instead.

Because that's all we needed. You and me, both. To learn to run our lives and business with joy and not frustration. To live our lives doing the small things well.

While I continue to try to save my blog archives from 2013 till 2016, because lots of lives were touched by the legacy posts I shared in those years, I remember this: @@I am becoming. Braver. Stronger. Messier. More lovable. And the wait? The wait is okay. The mess is okay.@@ Because it is a becoming. Much like a blooming of a flower, becoming takes time. 

So I invite you to join me to do 2017 with the small things. A commitment to doing the daily small things and doing them well and often. Because the secret sauce is that small things make up the big things. Doing them well leads to getting great things accomplished. 

Check out the new website and, if you're a business owner, the guide. And if you feel so inclined, leave me a message! I love reading comments and emails and my digital door is always open. I am so excited to meet new people and help you leave legacy. 

Update: I managed to import all my old blog posts! But they are a bit wonky so I'm just going to sort them out before I republish all of them. :) No huge change is perfect or seamless, so I'm just going to take what I can get!