Work: Afropolitan Legacy

I'm so thrilled to share with you some of the elements I designed for one of my favorite clients to date, Made From Cloth. Made From Cloth is run by the amazing, talented Raquel, who has opened my eyes to the beauty of Afropolitan culture. She is doing great things in the Afropolitan community, and leaving a true legacy with her business. Her business is so full of passion that it will make you want to start your own fashion business, even if you aren't even in the industry to begin with (she definitely made me wanna!).

As you can probably see, the moodboard for Made From Cloth consists of highly saturated and vibrant colors, that fit the personality and face of her brand so well. Her brand also merges gorgeous, African textile-inspired patterns with cleaner, chic lines that perfectly represents her business.


I created a couple of patterns for the brand, that may or may not be all used in her site, but I had fun anyway! I took my inspiration largely from the African textiles that we scoured for and was inspired by online, and that also resonated with her brand. The patterns will be used abundantly in her site and it just makes my heart sing. I had so much fun but also gained so much more appreciation for the Afropolitan culture.

Last but not least, is the website mockup I created for the site. This is not the final version of the website that will be live, but I wanted to share anyway. See how the patterns blend in so well and enhance every single element of her branding and site? I absolutely love it. There are some vintage buttons that you can't see from the mockup, but the entire site ties so wonderfully together the love of old and new fashion, and the coordination of the two to create something truly magical.


Raquel is definitely a leader in her field and if you're in the fashion business, I know that she can help you out in so many ways. She is talented, intelligent and very much a legacy entrepreneur who's doing great things for her business. I hope you enjoyed a little sneak peek into her colorful, patterned world!

I was and am so honored to have worked with her, she really is amazing. I can't wait to see the entire finished product on her website (she's developing it by herself!).