Baby Steps to Wellbeing

A recent interest of mine has been fitness and keeping in shape. Not to get skinny, as it always was previously, but to get STRONGER and BETTER physically and mentally in order to help my work and my life but most importantly, to ensure that I can serve God better. When you have that mindset change, all of a sudden it is easier to hit the gym, push yourself to limits you have never pushed yourself to before, and eat healthier.

Don't get me wrong -- I am on no high horse here. In the past two months of my fitness journey, I have stopped for about two weeks (slightly more). One week was my time of the month of the first month (have not hit it yet this month...) and the second was my last week (where I didn't feel like doing anything except flop on the bed and watch videos on Youtube).

But this new journey has also made me more conscious of NOT MY BODY but what I put into my body -- which is, as you can recall, a temple of God. I do crave for pizza, pasta and Wendy's once in a while, but I do feel differently after I've consumed them. I no longer think it's okay for me to eat these on a regular basis, but to regulate myself and keep my body in check. I know that God has provided in abundance health for me. But there is nothing wrong with choosing your foods wisely that will help you have more focus, efficiency and energy.

A fitness regime has also helped my mental capability and my relationship with God. I always pray before my workouts, asking God to give me determination and perseverance for the workout today, that I may finish all of them with good strength and endurance and reach an even greater height for my body's fitness. I am also more goal-oriented and clear-minded.


Just yesterday, I have also decided to start prepping some meals in advance for myself and my hubby (to bring to work). It is hard work, and I'm not sure if I can keep it up, but baby steps. Before prepping, I also initiated a Google search on the various ingredients I like to cook with: Long beans, broccoli, lean pork, salmon, chicken and wholegrain/wholewheat stuff, and fruits that I can accept (I am no big veggie/fruit lover, sadly): Strawberries, apples and grapes.

It was an eye-opening and mind-blowing experience. Goodness gracious, it was also extremely humbling. You know those illnesses and sicknesses that we're afraid of? The Big C, the high cholesterol, the heart attacks and strokes? The life-changing, life-saving ingredients are in the natural elements provided by our gracious, amazing Daddy God. I was so sad that I (and my family) have not been conscious of what I put into my body to keep it at optimum. 

I kid you not -- do a quick Google search on the health benefits of grapes, long beans, broccoli etc.. You will be amazed at how many nutrients we are not getting by just forsaking these yummy food for the too not-occasional pizza or Macdonald's!

The superfoods like the new Black/Purple Rice and red grapes are my new staples. I love long beans to death so the various health benefits don't hurt either.


My meal prep for last night and today was relatively simple. I had black/purple rice portioned for the both of us, with a lean pork and long bean stir-fry (the best Asian stir-fry dish I can do! It is beyond yummy and actually pretty healthy), topped with a sunny side-up / fried egg (was ruined... lol). Not the prettiest of meals, but yummy and power-packed with nutrients for a great work day, especially for the hubby.

For the hubby's full 12-hour shift, I also prepared (in addition to the rice meal) a whole-grain hamburger bun with chicken breast cubes (seasoned with salt + pepper and lightly stir-fried in EVOO), to be topped with Japanese cucumbers (the best!), and a serving of halved strawberries (6) and generous serving of grapes (approximately 20).

Doesn't healthy food look kinda yummers too?!

Like I said, I would never deny an occasional treat of fast food (I have 1 - 2 cheat days a week) but other days, I'd like to maximize my fitness regime by eating healthier too. I work out approximately 3 - 6 times a week, more than an hour per day. But hubby and I have date-days at IKEA for me to enjoy my steak and some other 'good food' that are slightly unhealthier for our other days. Especially when I'm too bummed to cook.

If you liked this post, let me know in the comments or via Facebook or Twitter! I would love to do more fitness posts (on my workout schedules + staples) and maybe some recipe posts as well! (:

As a bonus, there is a Freebie but Goodie for you later today (for August)! Since the blog planning sheets were a hit, I've decided to design a new set that will be gorgeous in your binder as well. Stay tuned for it later!