Challenge Accepted

Lately I'm been up to some good... I have been refreshing and challenging my soul and my work.

I recently started Nathalie Lussier's 30-day List Building Challenge and accidentally stumbled upon the Momentum Challenge whilst working on some client work. I have lagged behind a few days because, well, life got in the way, but I am catching them all up this weekend. But as far as everything goes, I love it. I love that I wake up to a challenge everyday (but oh, the things we do to ourselves, isn't running a business enough challenge for a lifetime already? But I digress...) that makes me think even more about myself, my life, my business and where everything is going. It forces me to sit down, force the fluff out, and focus on challenging myself.

Previously when I signed up for four Skillshare classes at one go (no, I have not completed them yet), I wrote on my business's Facebook page on how I believe that being an entrepreneur means to be always evolving, and always challenging myself to be better. And I'm practising what I preach, y'all, with these two challenges. They have been the most 'real' challenges I have taken on via e-mail, and it's amazing how taking on one task a day makes you rethink your whole business and the way you built it to be. Rethink parts of your life and make you want to reconstruct them, rebuild them to be stronger.

Today, I encourage all you entrepreneurs and more -- even if you are just sitting at your 9 - 6 desk, daydreaming -- to challenge yourself this week (or more). Sign up for the life-changing Momentum Challenge, or just resolve to do one new thing a day (like take a photograph, write a paragraph, throw away one thing from your cluttered desk, finally open that new book) and shake it up. Shake up your life and let the pieces fall back, into new places, new spaces and lead to discovery.

No step is ever too small.

And while I'm at this, I just wanted to say that I caught Gravity last week and it was quite frankly, awesome. I am a great fan of Sandra Bullock and I am impressed at how she managed to carry off a whole movie herself. There were some takeaways from the movie too: remembering that when the decision comes to stay, do nothing and die, or to live, always choose to live, my dear friends. It doesn't have to be literal. To me, it is simply just choosing to live your life despite the obstacles, despite the challenges, despite the disappointments. Just live.

Tara Gentile once said in an e-mail blast: I can either wait while I wait or I can live while I wait.

Choose to live, y'all.