Etsy Gems: Mouse Pads

I know many ladies are like me on this: You can't stop dressing up your worktable. Or at least, you can't stop buying pretty things for it. Stationery, flowers + vases, calendars, post-it notes... You name it, we have it pretty. But lately I've been looking for a mousepad to match, and it's hard, I tell ya!! I am currently using a mint colored one from Typo, but I don't really like what's printed on it. I got it because the mint would fit my worktable the best (sneak peek next time round!). And whilst Etsy has a good array of mousepads to choose from, what I really want is this: red_1_grande

Neon Red Mouse Pad from Freshly Picked

But it has been out of stock for ages now and I e-mailed the seller and unfortunately there is no restock date in sight.

So I decided to forgo the thought and head back to Etsy. Since there are SO MANY to choose from, I've narrowed down to eight awesome designs that will be sure to inspire, spruce up and brighten every workspace!


1 / 2 / 3 / 4

I picked out the first four because of their animal prints + wood characteristics. I've never used a wooden / bamboo mousepad before and have always used a soft cloth / rubber one, so I found these two gorgeous and really special. The wood grains also give a very calming, organic feel to the table, don't ya think?

The fun, cutesy elephant print will definitely cheer up any workspace and I love how cute the hippo looks in leather!! And how functional, too, covering both the keyboard and the mouse. But the unconventional shape might mean your mouse will not always be on the pad, and it does get a little pricey because it is made of leather.


1 / 2 / 3 / 4

The second set of 4 shows the budget-friendly but great options! I am personally leaning towards #3, I love the personal touch + the colors are so great together. All these are under $10 (!!) before shipping. I think all four will fit any designer's table really well with the traditional (but colorful) polkadots on #1, awesome pattern with a muted, classic dark blue for #2, the lovely geometric print in a gorgeous color scheme in #3 and a slightly more fun and visual option in #4.

Have you picked one out yet? I'm trying to stay away from the classic chevrons because whilst they are really pretty, there are a TON of them on Etsy. Now I just have to decide between the first set's #4 and the second set's #3. What do you think??