FBG July: Sort out your day


We create systems for so many things in our business -- sales systems, customer service systems, launch systems... But sometimes, we forget to create a system for our day and our lives. This month's FBG will help you through a process to create a simple, streamlined system for your day-to-day life. If you've been feeling the mid-year funk or burn-out, now's the most awesome time to create this system so that you can always go back to it, and that you will not fall off too far from the wagon.

Also included is a bonus worksheet on the Mid-Year Check In so you can have your check in neat on paper and ready for you to review come January!

These worksheets are optimized for print and are for once, not in digital-fillable format because I've found that the system works better with pen and paper. :)


Download here: Sorted Day System (2-page)