FBG February: Lunchbox Love

It's still February, and I'm still very much basking in the season of love. Even though my husband and I are not big celebrators on Valentine's Day, I still think that it is a good day to remember and appreciate the great people around us and show them some love.

I don't know how many of you still pack lunches for work, or school, but I love the idea of lunchbox notes. To slip in a little word or two to remind your loved one that he is on your mind, give some words of encouragement and generally just brighten up any day! Although I know that lunchbox notes are primarily meant for children (from their mothers), I definitely loved the idea of extending this to friends and your other halves. Everyone deserves a little lovin', especially in the middle of a hard work-day.

So I created four small cards that you can print out and write in for whoever you wanna love on. I'm planning on slipping these into my husband's wallet this week!

Hopefully these will spread just a little more love in the world this month. :)


Download the PDF here