Freebie but Goodie March: Out of Your Head

I have been talking to my friend lately and realized a common problem amongst entrepreneurs. We just have so many ideas. We want to do it all. But that's just not going to happen and I wanted to help everyone find a better, faster, more efficient way to get the ideas out of their heads and onto paper to see if a plan is feasible and if the idea would work.

Along the same line, inaction is usually bred by having no message clarity. Having no message clarity will not only lead to inaction, but also fear and self-doubt and all the nasty things in between.

Because when you know the message that you need to put out into the world, you have to put it out. However. Whenever.

I recently sent out an article I wrote for my newsletter (free, you can sign up for loads of small business advice and tips!) on how two questions is really all you need to find crystal-clear message clarity.

1. What is the ONE MESSAGE you want to leave behind?

If it could only be one thing, what would you want to be known for and pass down to generations to come?

For me, it is to help creative entrepreneurs lead joyful and fulfilled lives. For Adam Braun, it is to give access to education to children from poverty-stricken countries.

What's yours?

2. How can you help others with this message?

Think of ways you could spread your message on. Use this template: I help (answer from first question) by (answer from second question).

For me, I help creative entrepreneurs lead joyful and fulfilled lives by guiding them to discover their deepest, fullest potentials to leave their own powerful legacies. Adam Braun helps children in poverty-stricken areas by giving them access to quality education that is sustainable and that equals the playing field.

Now do yours.

With this sentence comes immense clarity. This is your legacy, your end goal. Everything that you do - every program that you launch, every service you offer, every product you create, every blog post you write... Should align directly and simply to it. Anything else will just seem like "a good idea" or "can be done" or "maybe profitable" but will not be what sets your heart on fire, what you should be doing. Let's not take unnecessary detours, shall we? It can be so much simpler.

After discovering your legacy in two simple steps, use that and this month's freebie to figure out if that idea is what you should be focusing on or if it belongs in the trash! It's a simple 5-step, 15-minute quickie method that will force you to sit down and THINK about the idea in a logical way and see if it is something you want to do. If not, you can spend your time focused on something else that you should be doing instead! They are available in two formats, a digital fill-in format (using Adobe Reader) and a printable format. Use as many copies as you need for all your ideas (one idea per page).


Download for your own use or share this with your friends - but always remember to link back to the blog so everyone can get more awesome goodies! :) Also, leave a comment after using the sheet to let me know how it has helped you hone your ideas into action plans or how you're planning to use the sheet!

Available in: Digital fill-in format (A4)  |  Printable format (A4)

Enjoy making great things happen, my dear friends! :)