Feb FBG: Some Lovin' Required

These were supposed to be January's FBG, but since I'm late, I've decided to create TWO freebies for February. I'm releasing these now because I want them to be in time for Valentine's Day, the next freebie will come late February.

So how are you celebrating Valentine's Day this year? My husband and I are keeping it simple and we don't have any special plans, perhaps just a nicer meal out. I am using one of these cards for my hubby this V'Day too. I've kept them simple and chic, and the prints are perfect to bring a little bit of that lovin' into February.

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This month's Freebie but Goodie comes in two designs and two formats each: one a printable card, chic and simple and waiting for you to fill in; and the second a printable, framable print that will look good on any wall. The handwritten LOVE makes it all a little more personal, don't you think?

mockup1mockup2 Oh, my love and Love is all you need print download here (A4 size).

The cards will print beautifully on 100gsm and up, digital white cardstock!

cards Download A4-size foldable, printable cards here.

Wishing all my readers a blessed, loving, awesome V'Day, whether you are with someone or not. Make every space sweeter and wear red and pink just because. :)