Focus and Simplicity


I talk so much about bringing it back to the essence of things when I work with clients on legacy. It is really about peeling back the layers and realizing that you can do things your way, and recognizing that power to bring projects that are full of heart and joy to life. Sometimes, my clients and followers don't really grasp the full notion of legacy in life and business, and I don't blame them -- sometimes it is hard to let legacy seep into every aspect of your life and have it really lived out. I am learning everyday to let go and let legacy lead... And I reckon, so are you.

But the simplest way to allow everything to align itself back to legacy is really this: focus and simplicity.

I've been using this "tactic" with most of my clients the past month, and even myself, because it really works. It really helps you strip out the fluff (because there is always fluff) and stop the multi-tasking. Because there is no multi-tasking. There is only doing multiple projects half-heartedly.


Seemingly a simple term, focus really means to decide on the one thing you need to do now, and do it well. Focus on your one intention for the day, week, month or year. Focus on the one project that you need to grow, refine and launch. Focus on the one person that needs your attention, right now.

Focus brings it all back to one. Because you can't handle more than one. You want to do one and do it well, right now.

Your legacy is your one thing in life, right? So expand that. Let that seep into your life and business... Let everything be focused on one. In my Legacy Support Group, I lead entrepreneurs to set their one intention for the week. Sometimes I ask them about the one thing that lights them up. Other times we focus on the one thing that can be done right now to make a change in their businesses. [inlinetweet prefix="" tweeter="thepetiteco" suffix=""]Because one is all you need. [/inlinetweet]

So strip it all bare. Find the essence. And that organize all your tasks, projects, commitments with one thing. No more, no less. Do one and do it well.


Simplicity just means to not overcomplicate. So often, we scribble down a million and one to-dos because we overcomplicate things. We see projects as mountains that we need to climb and conquer. And sometimes, we do have a million and one to-dos. But we get through them with focus ... We get through them one by one, right? Finding the essence will already do wonders for your productivity and transform your business, but simplicity hits it way out of the park.

Simplicity means taking the one thing and making sure that you don't make it harder than it actually is. Say, you want to launch a new opt-in, there can be so many options and pieces to make one come together that looks like Marie Forleo's video series with professional help, or you could do a well-designed, well thought out and valuable one-page PDF that the people who matter can implement immediately.

Sometimes, it's all about knowing what you're doing and then getting it out of the door. Can things always be refined, and done better? Yes. But what works, works. [inlinetweet prefix="" tweeter="thepetiteco" suffix=""]Because you only need what works for you, nothing more, nothing less. [/inlinetweet]

So over to you now -- how can you implement FOCUS and SIMPLICITY into your work and life? Comment and tell me how it helped you!

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