Football Fun

Although I hardly ever mention it on the blog, I have football widely splashed on my social media bios. I am unabashedly a football fan, thanks to the hubby, and I thought I'd share with you guys since it is part of me. Football here is actually soccer to many of my US readers. But ever since our honeymoon trip to London, we have learned not to ever call it soccer and only football (funny things fans come up with).

I admit that this sport takes some time to fall in love with if you are completely new to it (as I was), but once you do, there is no turning back. My heart belongs to the Arsenal Football Club, but my hubby's lies with Chelsea Football Club. And yes, it does cause some differences between us when our teams meet and when we talk about transfers (look at me... talking about all that stuff), but overall I think it helps to have a common interest as your hubby (and all the wives say amen).



And with football watching comes... fantasy football teams. This is my third season into having a fantasy football team now (what?!), and I've been particularly slow to the uptake this year due to the busy work schedule, and missed my chance to join a great Head-to-Head league for the new season (bummer!). But I've been pretty pleased with my progression and improvement in the game so far, so I thought it'd be interesting to write a post about it (even if it only interests a small group of people).

Fantasy football is a tricky game. I play in the official Fantasy Premier League, and it is challenging, to say the least. Some aim to excel at the game no matter what -- as winning the game is most important -- but others, like me, are more 'emotional' (being a girl, perhaps? haha) and mix my allegiances to the game. I definitely max out the players from the team I support (again, Arsenal FC), also refuse to buy any players who joined an opposing team from ours and lastly, avoid players from our "rival teams" (in this case, Tottenham FC) no matter what.


I've been busy creating my new team, Dandelion FC, for the new 2013/14 season and am determined to beat my own personal best this season! I am also in two other major leagues and really wish to shine this season with a top 10 - 20 finish. If anyone's curious, Fantasy Premier League is totally free-to-play and very easy to learn. But the progression gets hard because you have to find the right balance for the team and to do that, you need to be following football news rather closely and know the ins and outs of the game and pros and cons of each player.

I find it to be a great way to improve my football knowledge and a good way (read: good, not great) to spend my weekends and some spare time on a totally irrelevant hobby (to my work). It also makes it more exciting to catch various games on the weekends when we would otherwise only catch Arsenal's and Chelsea's (therefore maximizing the amount of $ we spend on the ridiculously-priced EPL subscription in Singapore).

I also recently created a new Amateur Fantasy Premier League 2013/14 Challenge for all the almost-newbies like me. A little competition never hurt anybody and it'd be great to learn together!



I hope some other football fanatics out there (especially AFC fans!) can take the plunge and join me this year!

And for the non-football fans or very-girly ladies reading this post, I apologize! I hope I didn't waste your time or bore you out with this post!