Freebie but Goodie: JULY

freebie_july Let me just start first by saying this: I think pretty stationery makes everything ten thousand times better + easier. OK, it might just be me who's super obsessed with paper goods + pretty stationery, but seriously, I was hunting for a great, simple blog editorial planner for a long while. And then when I didn't find anything that I quite liked, I decided to design my own. Blogging can be quite a bit of work if taken seriously, and sometimes you just need an organized pad to jot down everything that's in your head in a way that made sense and helped you... Instead of confusing you even more.

I used my own opinion on this Freebie but Goodie. I thought about what I wanted in a blog planner, what I needed to write down every time, and found out what was lacking in the other blog editorial planners out there that I needed. To be honest, I needed a lot more. But to fit more of your needs, I decided to simplify it and strip it down to the bare basics so that you could use the planners however you like! But I just used it to plan next week's blog content and it really kinda works. The planners made me think hard about my content, forced me to simplify them and jot them down in shorter sentences (so that I don't lose sight of what I really wanted to write about) and organized the information in my head to neat little squares that were there for me to check them off after I've been done with them (super awesome feeling to check off all the to-dos).

So here they are... And behold, not ONE, not TWO but THREE A4 designs for you to use, in gorgeous turquoise watercolor! It's like a complete blog editorial planner package that will help you a TON, I promise! And yes, completely free. My gift for you for the month of JULY.


PDF download: Monthly Blog Planner | Weekly Blog Planner | Blog Ideas Sheet

Hopefully, the sheets will help you get your ideas into perspective and craft our more purposeful, amazing posts! xx

P.S.: Please note that ALL free downloadables / printables and freebies but goodies cannot be redistributed or resold by any means. Please link back to By Kara Anne should you wish to share this resource with anyone else. Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy them!