Freshly Implemented

I've still been waist-deep in hustling the past week -- apart from the two challenges I've been doing, I've also started the rebranding for this blog and my new business. I've been a little unhappy about the branding for my three awesome online homes and I've just decided to kick procrastination in the butt and do it once and for all, and good. I am revisiting an awesome-sauce class on Skillshare and slowly refining the foundations of all three of them and I'm beyond excited for what's to come! All these preparation are for a BIG year in 2014 and I wanna be as ready as I can be for it!

I've learned to move on and be unabashed about my constant refining of my brands, because they are all gems in the making and I wanna give them the justice they deserve. And as I improve upon my skills and soul and work through these classes and coaching, I hope to bring my online homes to greater heights constantly.

I just finished and finalized my moodboard for By Kara Anne, and I'm so excited to share it with you today! To be honest, it has been a rough week, and I have contemplated writing a blog post on there being courage in vulnerability and joy in the journey as I learn to take on and accept events in life. This whole past two weeks had me asking God lots of whys and receiving answers for some, but still needing lots of Bible study and praying all round. I know that I have to practise what I preach and hopefully, my prayers will bring me to a peaceful enough place where I can share my vulnerabilities with you and grow together with you amazing readers.

I have, in the meantime, channeled the bad energy I've been feeling over the past two weeks into work. So I'll be sharing much more with you in the next few weeks. The Petite Paper Etsy store is also gearing up for its first Christmas and holiday season so it'll be a busy time for me, so I'll be sharing loads along the way.

So without further ado, here it is!


The new By Kara Anne site will be much more structured technical-wise but much more whimsical on content and the design front. I was mostly inspired by light, floaty elements, understated luxury and the colors gold, mint, light grey and pink. The new logo and site is already in the making and I am so, so excited for it! I know it will be a more apt and beautiful home for my writings.

And by the by, if anyone is having a hard time like I am this few weeks, feel free to drop a comment or note to my e-mail, and I'll be more than happy to stand in prayer with you to tide you through this tough time.

Have a great weekend, y'all!