Great Changes for Great Things


I haven't shared this before, but I thought this would be a great time for it because my husband and I just decided on my (awesome) birthday-cum-1st Wedding Anniversary-cum-Christmas present yesterday. My husband is a smart cookie who's learned over the last 5+ years that I am not a girl for flowers or jewelry, and once was frustrated over the gifting options when occasions rolled around, but now has started gifting me work stuff for all occasions (think: graphic tablet, Mobee Mouse Charger etc...). He was grinning from ear to ear when he said that he wanted to gift me a room makeover this year for the three occasions, and I said no almost immediately because we just had one about two years or so ago.

Many of my clients and readers might not know this, and I was once ashamed of it, but I work from my childhood room (where my husband and I now live in as well) right behind my bed because we are currently waiting for our first home (in Singapore, you have to ballot for an apartment and wait for them to build it, see post here.) This room is a mere 12sqm and I have to fit in ALL my work stuff, a wardrobe for the both of us, a queen bed, and we also have a TV. It is cramped, and unproductive sometimes, but we make do. I have since spilled over to my husband's computer table and he has had to resort to using a laptop table by the bed. Great living? Not so.

When I had my last room makeover, I wasn't doing business yet. I was studying for a Law degree and frankly, I didn't need that much space except a bookcase and a table for studying. But work is cray-cray, and it is a mess right now. But I couldn't justify spending close to $2k (furniture is expensive where I live, y'all, and there are not many vintage stores / flea markets for us to scout for good stuff!) for a new room that we were going to move out of in 1.5 years' time. But I wanted a better working space, a proper space for my husband and a comfortable living space for the both of us too.

So after three rounds of IKEA, financial planning for the new year, and prayers, we've decided to give the plan the green light!

The new home office-cum-bedroom will be a separated space for work and play, will house more storage and simple, clean cut, scandinavian-inspired furnitures. We won't be repainting but the room will be brighter and cleaner and easier to clean, with less clutter (fingers crossed it stays that way!) and space for decoration (I LOVE home decor and I can't wait to get started!). I will have my own little cubicle office space and there will be a place for everything.

I consider this an investment for my business for 2014 and my life. But we're going to get it up (if nothing goes wrong) by the end of November! Perhaps the most exciting part -- we're getting a Christmas tree for the room!

Praying for provision, smoothness for the remodel and more joy from God for this whole venture! I cannot wait to show you the finished product!