I'm back + October Goals


I've been gone forever. 2016 has been hard. So hard that even blogging, my favorite thing in the world, didn't find its space into 2016.

But I'm almost, almost out of it. It has taken me 9 months, but I'm slowly crawling out of dealing with a death, a new home, adjusting to the husband's never-ending work schedule, my bunny's major surgery, and trying to juggle the business in the midst of it all, as well. I will dedicate another whole post to the fight against anxiety and depression and finding faith in the midst of the fallenness, because today's blog post is not about that. It is about the hope that springs eternal, whether in January or in October. It is about the faithfulness that is completely of my God and completely not of me. It is about new beginnings and welcoming 2017 with as healthy and happy a heart as is possible for me right now.

So for those who still read, thank you. Thank you. The blog has gone far last year, and I have more in store for it for the rest of 2016 and the new year.

A new section I'm adding into the blog is sharing my monthly goals. This is partly for accountability on my part, but also partly for encouraging others who are reading my blog to set their own intentional goals. I've found that reading and watching other bloggers list out and accomplish goals have been a great encouragement to me this year, even when I was battling getting out of bed. So it is my hope that this new section encourages you, too.


Finish reading Uninvited* and Anything*

Social Media Free Weekends

Create content for "Spark Legacy: 27 days to building a business with joy and legacy"

Date night with the husband once a week

Dance with The Fitness Marshall 3x a week

Get outside once a week

Easing into the game hasn't been the easiest, but as the weather turns cooler and the days count down to the birth of our Saviour, I'm reminded of the beauty that comes from ashes.


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