Scandinavian Homes + Singapore Housing

insidehomes01 This post comes as no surprise because 1) I've been obsessing over homes even before we got a confirmation on ours, 2) I'm in love with Scandinavian home interiors ever since I discovered My Scandinavian Home a year ago (before that I was looking through tons of SquareRooms and never broke out of the 'modernistic' look everyone seemed to go for on my side of the planet) and 3) our new home's floor plan can really only have 1 - 2 feasible layouts, and we definitely have to go for a living + dining room combination, no questions asked (there are no alternatives!)... So I decided to compile a small collection of great living + dining combination homes.

But first...

A little intro about the 'housing method' in Singapore. I noticed 50% of my readers (or more) don't live here, and our housing system is quite unique, so I decided I'd do a quick intro to let you know more. Basically, most of us Singaporeans live in public housing and they are almost all apartments (only the older batches have 2-storey apartments or a small patch of grass lol). They come in studio (for the elderly, on a 30-year lease), 2-room, 3-room, 4-room and 5-room. What's weird about this method of categorizing is that... the living room is considered 1-room. So what you are looking at is essentially, in order, 1 living room + 1 bedroom, 1 living room + 2 bedrooms, and so on and so forth. And it stops at 3 bedrooms, the 5-room apartments basically just have a larger living room + 3 bedrooms.

And even though we have super high ownership percentages, we really only have 99-years on our "bought" apartment. Each couple can only own 1 apartment (that comes from public housing), and there's a whole other set of rules for singles. But basically, due to a large demand of apartments and not enough supply, we have to ballot for the flats. So we put in $10 and pray for a queue number that's within the # of units available, or wait and ballot again. It is an excruciating process that is time-consuming and very stressful (especially for those who want to settle down and have a family) because there can be no "goal date" as to when you get your apartment (because it's based on luck, there are people who have balloted over 8 times and over a period of 4 - 8 years!). And even after successfully grabbing an apartment, they are "built-to-order", so you have to wait 2 - 4 years before you can actually move in!

Back to business...

There is a lot more to that, but let's just say that after lots of tears, meltdowns and frustration, we finally got AN APARTMENT (hooray?). Ours is a 3-room because the chances were better, and we only have 2-bedrooms. But hey, at least we have a roof over our heads and I get my own kitchen + studio, right?! But it also means I had to structure our lives around a very small apartment that we could be living for for the rest of our lives (it is a confusing + troublesome process to sell an apartment bought with a first-timer status etc. etc... rules... bleh) and that I had to plan for an office (due to me working from home) and if we accidentally had a baby.

So today, I'm looking into living + dining room combinations! Because I can't have a proper, formal dining room (boohoo), I decided to make the best of it and find some really gorgeous combinations that were clean + spacious. Spacious because I intend to have a small office area/nook in the living area as well, just in case


1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

Some more spacious than others, but definitely well-utilized space and of course, gorgeous! Not forgetting the amazing lighting in #1 and #4 and the burst of color in #3 and #5. And although I've always only contemplated rectangular-ish tables (I love this IKEA PS 2012 one, bamboo love!!!), #1 and #5 have given me a lot to think about. Circular tables seem to go so well in smaller spaces and makes the space look a little larger and more fun, don't ya think?

So what do you think? Circle or square? (:

P.S.: I just launched my Petite Shop + added some prints in my Etsy store that would look great on white-washed walls and Scandinavian, creative interiors. Take a look! (: