Intentional Blogging

I am back. After a two-month long hiatus. Seems crazy -- so much of my life has changed in the past two months, and will change even more in the next month or so. I have so much to say, but it needs to come out bit by bit. I have revamped my entire website, merged By Kara Anne with the Petite main site, and basically just made changes and did the work. I've changed and upgraded hosts and my email marketing system, too.

And it feels good. I feel like I am up-levelling as an entrepreneur and as a business owner.

There was a lot of thought that went into merging the two sites. Mainly because (1) it was confusing some people; and (2) the separate site no longer made sense. I wanted to blog intentionally and for service, not just because I do it on a whim and hope that people read it. So expect a lot more of life and business-related posts, and a lot more talking about the work that I do. Because I want to share that with you, and the amazing legacies these women leave deserve to be shared.

Hopefully, I will get to speak to you really soon, but March and April will be a whirlwind -- so I'm being honest with you and myself about that. We're moving in March to a temporary home (our new home is still being built) and we're heading to London for two weeks in April.

But I still want to chat with you, just a little bit. I want the Petite blog to be like we're all sitting in this comfy, cozy living room, talking about our lives and our businesses.

What can you level up in your life and business, right now?

It can be something big, like my crazy moves online and offline. Or it can be something really small, like lighting that candle when you take a bath. Share with me in the comments!

I promise I'll be back with a better post soon, but for now, this is out there. And it is good, it is well with my soul. x