Introducing: Bible Study Page

I've always been vocal about my faith and I have had it in my heart for a long time now that when I finally set up a blog, I would set aside a space for Bible study and God. The link to the Bible study page can be found under the "Coaching" section, so hopefully it is still not too intrusive for the non-believers because the rest of my posts will still be relatively non-Christian. My wish for the page is that I can engage more 'solo' Bible readers to read together with me as we uncover more and more of God's love for us through His written word. The Bible Study page will tentatively be updated monthly starting from August 2013, and each month I will offer for download (for free, of course) a PDF file containing a Bible study devotional / plan and a worksheet. These are printables and is an easy way to follow through on some of God's words without it being too commitment-heavy (I understand that some ladies find it hard to start on something too much).

Bible Study

On the Bible study page will also be links to my favorite stuff + my Youversion notes, as well as a new Downloads page where you can expect many awesome God-related freebies for download!

I am excited for this new chapter + space on the blog and I hope that other daughters (and sons, if you don't mind!) of God will have fun and grow in Christ and be more joyful through this purposeful, Christ-centred page.