Is this working for you?


I've been away, doing heartful things. The renovations for my new house are coming swiftly to a close within the next two weeks, then it'll be moving and packing time. In the craziness, I've still managed to start StoryBrand, the conference brought online by Donald Miller, and really invested myself into it. I wanted to write, but I also wanted to write good things. So I went radio silent on my email campaign on blog for a few weeks... It felt weird, not really writing, but I'm back again with purpose.

Sometimes, when we get so caught up with the normalcies of our business and life, we forget to take a step back to reassess what we feel about this normalcy. 2015 broke most of my "normal." I used to live on schedules and plans. I loved charting 90-day plans and using my Filofax for everything in business and life. But with my move from living at home to becoming a renter for the first time ever; my grandma passing away; my new house and the renovations it entailed... I've come to learn that sometimes life doesn't run on schedules or plans. Sometimes life is just life, meant for living and taking it one step at a time.

So today I was really taken aback by a question that popped into my mind... Kara-Anne, is this working for you? All of this?

The overwhelm was real. I am still dealing with a full client roster, my husband's always busy when I need him (true story, his work seems to double when something important crops up for the house) and money is tight around here. Renovations are unpredictable and costly. And I started feeling so. alone. I haven't spoken to the Fresh crew (Freshly Implemented is a mentoring program by Amber McCue from NiceOps) in a while and I just felt like everyday was a battle. Between me and work and the house and my exhausted body and soul. And that's when I realized... No, it wasn't working for me. All of this.

So I need another change. Again. I ditched my Filofax for the month and just worked with a notepad with my to-do list, idea list and important things to note for the day. I literally wrote down on a notepad whatever came to my mind and various times of the day. There was really no time (or energy) for me to decorate my Filofax and fill it in with tasks doled out in pretty, colorful pens. There was just do.

I also needed sleep when my body told me to sleep. I've been living on renovation forums and Pinterest every time I am off work. I work in bursts now (few days of not working and being at the house, then one day to finish up a lot of work) and it makes me feel guilty, but I also know when I have to get a lot done. I needed to be okay with it when I needed more time.

But most importantly, I'm learning to be okay with things changing. With things not going according to plan. With there being flexibility in things. I've been used to having control over everything by my schedules that when things get messed up, I get really, really scared. And mad. [inlinetweet prefix="" tweeter="thepetiteco" suffix=""]But things are always going to change or go in the direction that I wasn't expecting. And that's okay. Sometimes I just have to lean into the alternatives so that I could make it work for me.[/inlinetweet]

So today I ask you... Take a step back and look at your life. Is this working for you?

If not, what could you learn to make it work?