It doesn't have to be you all the time


House renovations are no joke. I know I've been harping on this, but after two months of intense renovations with lacklustre results, I am spent. We've put so much money, time and energy into this new nest of ours that sometimes, when lowered expectations are still not met, things crumble pretty quickly. I was not in the best shape the last few days (trust me, I am usually too chirpy for my own good), and that was when I called God into this matter. God, You hold the reigns and have the final say, not me. You know what is going on and how best to solve the issues. And yesterday, I left the chat group with the contractor in it, and started my new stress-free era on my phone. I no longer wanted to see the "bad updates" he gave that didn't come with apologies. I no longer wanted to be the "good guy." I just wanted to focus on my story, my business, and enjoying the home we spent so much to build. I was beginning to resent my house because of the renovations and that cannot do.

And since it was the last week of renovations, I just handed it all over to my (capable) husband. He's been too busy to really be along the entire journey but he's taking back control so that I don't have to. And that's precisely what I want to write to you about today. That it doesn't have to be you... all the time. Sometimes, it's okay, even better to let go of the "shoulds" and let someone else take over. Because you might not be doing such a good job, and someone else could handle it better from here... So you just let them. Instead of hugging everything so close to your chest that you can't breathe, let go so you can.

It's okay to let go and let someone take over. It's not showing weakness (even though showing weakness is not a bad thing, either). Neither is it taking away anything from you.

We underestimate the help others can give us by trying to do it all by ourselves. People are well-placed to help us on our legacy journey, and we were never meant to walk on it alone, be it life or business.

It doesn't have to be you all the time. What can you let go of today that will make things so much better for you and your legacy journey?