JUST LAUNCH! Introducing By Kara Anne

Guys! I am beyond excited and super grateful that today has finally come. I have had this blog in the making + in my heart for a long time now. But work and life really filled my time to the brim, and all I could do was scribble down post ideas on random scraps of paper whilst I worked on my big Petite shop launch as well. I had so much I wanted to share that I know God has put in me because someone needs to hear it, but I also knew I needed the right platform and the right timing to do it. And here it is! I trust in His perfect timing, perfect planning.

This blog is going to be complementary but not totally related to Petite Paper Co.. Because I have so much more than that to share. I love my identity as a web + graphic designer and now business coach, but I also love home interiors (super stoked for our new home coming 2015!), fashion, more paper stuff and weddings. I find myself bursting at the seams with inspiration and I just want to write more. On life, on business, on interests, on God... I just want to have my little spot for my little voice in this vast ocean of blogs. So I am beyond grateful and beyond words... That I am given this chance to write and share!

I worried a lot before I finally started planning the blog and finally launching. I was anxious about what I could write, I compared myself to so many others who wrote what I loved as well so articulately and so wonderfully, I didn't know where to start and most of all... I was afraid that no one wanted to hear what I had to share. But after countless praying sessions, eureka moments and tired but inspired sessions of Petite Paper work, I really really knew that I wanted to write and I had to... Whether or not those fears came true did not matter anymore, as long as I did something. Then came the worrying about the blog design, the development and the huge burden of time management what with the Petite Paper launch so close and so fierce ( so much stuff in the works you can't even imagine!!! ) and generally just life. But I pushed through. I really did. I sat my butt down, designed + coded my butt off and refreshed the browsers ten thousand times ( or more, really ) and got THIS. AND THEN I JUST LAUNCHED. I put aside all the fears and doubts and remembered my pride for working so hard about something I am really passionate about and I just launched. I am proud of this little home for my little voice.

But even though I just launched, I have a whole serious, fierce editorial calendar. Because I want to do this right and do it justiceI want any lovely soul who stumbles upon this little blog to get inspired, to learn and grow and to be more joyful after reading. Who says you can't just launch and go on with confidence that it will only get better and stronger??? I say YES YOU CAN.

I also have monthly free goodies in the works to add more inspiration, celebration and joy into your life! And you can look forward to great goodies for bloggers, designers + the creative at heart alike... Because this will be a good space for all that. This will be a peachy, peachy space.

I am really looking forward to this new journey of my life together with all of you. I'm gonna make this ride so worthwhile, even if I'm writing just for myself.

And one last thing to leave for anyone who's reading today... just launch. Your work, your voice is worth so much more than you could ever imagine... if only you would just launch and not doubt. THE REST WILL FOLLOW. Trust me.

P.S. Inspired by this blog + couple o' lovely ladies' feedbacks, I have a new JUST LAUNCH new intensive at Petite Paper Co. that will bring you from doubt to LAUNCH in three super awesome days!! It'll launch on 24th July so keep your calendars open... and psst... early registration of interest from now till the 24th will enjoy a special promotional rate!! Contact me now!