Learning to Trust Yourself

I took a huge leap of faith last month. One that I never thought I'd take, and one that I went back and forth on for months. I've had awesome entrepreneurs all around me giving me advice, and I truly appreciate every single one of them (shoutout to Aliza, if you're here!). But sometimes, that idea that keeps coming back to you, that you never truly got rid of no matter how hard you tried... There's something in there. You just can't ignore it. And after lots of prayer and doing lots of research (you can't even imagine), I finally did it.


I am a B-Schooler. Can y'all believe it?

There's so much hype around B-School this time of the year that it's hard to ignore it. But I've been contemplating about B-School since I first came across it last May. Cray-cray! Somehow, all the other courses at the same price point didn't teach me what I wanted, or connected with me as much as Marie did. Of course, I will never forget Tara Gentile - the most awesome business mentor there is, seriously, she is the bomb - and I am in KickStart Labs (if you're a solopreneur and haven't got your behind in there, do it right now, it'll be the best business decision you make so far) already, but B-School was this one thing that I always went back to. I love how she covers all the foundations and so much more in her curriculum and I loved the vibe she was projecting. Surely it had to attract the same kind of people, who were willing to invest the same kind of money in their business.

And well, you can probably guess, the community is large, and amazing. I've been talking to loads of people, and I am forming a more intimate accountability group/mastermind with a few passionate ladies ready to rock B-School out! So I basically can't wait for March 10th. And how much fun and glorious 2014 is going to be.

I'm also in Creating Fame and Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp because of the amazing affiliate bonuses. I had a hard time on this - major headache. I love Melissa Cassera, Amber McCue and LKR so much and all their bonuses were beyond amazing. But Creating Fame spoke the most to me in what I wanted to become, and where I wanted to bring my business this year so I plunged right in. I am also on course to join Amber's Freshly Implemented in September. Here's to an amazing year of investing in myself and my business!

Sometimes the things that you keep coming back to, are the things you probably need to do.

B-School was a huge investment and leap of faith for me. Seriously, I freaked out when I told my husband I was gonna do it. I looked at our finances again and again and made sure we could make our insurance payments and family payments and bills and savings for our new home before I plunged. Everything's not lined up 100%, but I knew deep down that it would work out.

If you want something bad enough, you'll find a way.

Y'know, we can argue all day about how expensive anything is, but if you really want something, you'll make it happen. Trust yourself when you feel it in your gut that this is something you really need to do. And when you know you're finding ways to make it happen, you know that this is something you truly want to do.

You think you need confidence to trust yourself. But the truth is, it's the other way around. Trusting yourself will give you unlimited confidence.

After I clicked that enroll button? FIREWORKS. JOY. RELIEF. EXCITEMENT. Like you wouldn't believe. Seriously. Just by signing up for B-School it has done more for me and my confidence in my business than anything else I've tried before. I feel so real now. For once I know truly and physically that my business is worth something. That I'm doing something real, and not believing in all those critics who make me think that I'm not.

You already know what you want.

If you're trying to justify a decision, or you're finding people to agree with your decision, you already know what you want. For once, take charge. DO IT. You can never lose out. There are no mistakes here. Life is a journey, every step adds to your amazing legacy. Take a positive risk.

You are worth investing in.

Don't let guilt trip you up like it did me. I kept thinking, "There's no way my husband would spend a big amount of our money like this.", "What if it isn't even worth it, then what?". When you're out of your comfort zone, and when you're going to take the leap, you stumble. You double-take on the jumping board, thinking, "Can I really do this? It is high up here." when you've already done this a million times. You've went through this decision so many times and it's not like you don't know what you're doing. But guilt gives you the double-take.

It took me 3 years in my business before I truly believed that I (and my business) was worth investing in. And I regret it sometimes. I know that if I had done something sooner my business would be unrecognizable by now. But I also know that everything is intentional and is a process. NOW is the right time. If you've felt the pulling more than you ever have before, this is it. You are ready. But heck ready, as Marie says, start before you're ready.

This was an impromptu post, but I hope you enjoyed it. That you took something out of it if you were pondering something. Have a blessed Sunday y'all, it's been an amazing week. :)