Legacy, Right Now (FBG)

October_LegacyNowSometimes it's weird, a 22-year-old (going on 23) girl talking about legacy. Because so many times we think about legacy as something to do with death. Or the future. Anything but now. Later. And whilst I know that life is fragile, and fleeting, I also know that to most people (even to myself), I am quite a ways away from the inevitable death.

But the Legacy Revolution I want to spread is so much more than just the inheritance after we're gone. My #IgniteLegacy Revolution is for legacy, right now. Because so many times society tells us things and inculcates thoughts and mindsets in us that aren't us. That are not what we actually believe in. But we believe it anyway because it's ingrained in us. It takes revolution... An active, persistent fight to overthrow the preconceived notions of legacy that bind us to where we are right now.

I'm so passionate about legacy because every one of us has it. We are already, right now, living and breathing and creating and cultivating our legacies, whether we want it or not. It's not a choice. It simply is. And contrary to some beliefs, it is not morbid at all.

Instead, this legacy is forward-looking. It allows you to draft a flexible roadmap for your life. It allows you to glimpse a tiny glimpse into the future to see what you want to become -- and what you can become. This legacy helps you live your life right now. I believe so strongly because we all have a legacy we want to leave. But we put it off. Later, we say, not so soon. But the truth is, how would you choose to live your life right now?

That's your legacy.

#IgniteLegacy is believing that our legacies are the best of who we can be, and who we want to be. Because it's simple -- no one wants to be remembered (either after death, or after you walk out of the room) for being the miserly boss. No one wants to be remembered for being negative all the time. No one wants to be remembered for having 5 million Twitter followers. No one wants to be remembered for having done nothing in their lives.

[bctt tweet="When we know what kind of legacy we want to leave, we know how to live."]

But we want to remembered for our love we've shown for others, in a variety of ways. For the ways we've brought impact, and change, and inspiration to others. For the times we touched other people's lives intentionally. For the gentle words we spoke to change the tides. For the lives we changed because of our faith. For the joyful way we partake of life's difficult times. For the humility we had when we enjoy some of life's best.


And because we know the legacy we want to leave... We can start chasing down those big dreams. Legacy allows you to not only dream bigger, but go after those dreams. It's like a mathematical question that requires you to work backwards -- if A + B = Legacy, what will your A + B be? How many variables would you have? What cannot be lacking from the equation?

[bctt tweet="If A + B = Your Legacy, what will your A and B be?"]

The beauty of legacy also comes from the fact that it can be applied to every single part of your life. Legacy Businesses know that every day has a plan and a purpose -- to move towards the legacy I want to leave. Legacy Businesses know that every decision and action in business is an opportunity to grow that legacy, leave behind sparkle and greatness, and create something truly beautiful.

So this is your challenge -- how are you going to live your legacy? What are you doing, right now, that adds to your legacy, or brings you closer to the legacy you want to leave? What are the words that you say -- do they exemplify the legacy you want to leave? How will knowing and acknowledging and choosing to create and cultivate your legacy help you gain more clarity in your life and bring more purpose? What will you do everyday to cultivate that legacy? How will you be remembered when you walk out of the room?

[bctt tweet="So what will you be remembered for, when you walk out of the room?"]

Just as a sweet bonus, here's a Live Your Legacy Printable just for you -- no strings attached -- to bring a little more beauty and reminder to your life that you're living and cultivating your legacy right now. :)

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