Making Changes: The Petite Co.

Even though I had just rebranded and finished my new blog, I was still constantly searching for areas to improve on. I had this nagging feeling about one thing for a few weeks now (a few days after I launched Petite Paper) but decided not to do anything about it because of... you guessed it... FEAR. I feared that making big changes so soon (about a month) after a new launch was a really bad thing that might reflect insufficient planning or indecisiveness. I feared that I would have even more to complete and I wanted to solidify what I already created. I feared that I would have EVEN MORE stuff to MANAGE and MARKET and make "big". changes

But really, the heart never lies. God (for you, it can be something else) places these good thoughts in our hearts in order to make us improve. In order to make what we have better. Because life is ever-changing and not being able to embrace change because of fear is silly. Because what's the worst that could happen, right? At most, I'd scrape my new project and revert to the good ol' first plan.

And being an entrepreneur and a solopreneur (just in the literal sense of the word -- owning a business on your own), it would suck to not be able to embrace change. To not recognize that something is a better option or may be one and try it out. To tweak and refine and tweak and refine till you get the best product you could possibly get and thus, the best outcome.

Being an entrepreneur, we face failures almost on a daily basis when we first start out. It is natural and it is good. I will not attempt to idealize the journey of being an entrepreneur. The success stories out there makes it seem like it is easy to learn from someone else's mistakes and thus avoid failure. But there is no easy way. You will fail. If you want it bad enough, you will try again. And you might fail again. Having a million-dollar idea doesn't mean you will make a million bucks like that. It takes time. It takes opportunity. It takes timing. And it takes a lot of stress, socializing (even when you don't feel like it) and... pure hard work.

My new "project" is thus The Petite Co.I have tried to shelf away the feeling that I have to do something new AGAIN for this business. But I know I CANNOT.

I am launching a new "company" that will be one unit with Petite Paper Co., because I want to separate the creative side of my business (business coaching, branding + design & development) with the PAPER side of the business. When I was planning, it all worked out great together. But with fresh pairs of eyes and after launching and actually interacting with clients, I noticed that I needed to make a change so that whatever I wanted to do was clearer and more impactful.

There will be a new site that will focus solely on the Creative part of this Petite company and therefore be able to address all the creative (prospective) clients better on every process and how I can help your business be BETTER and TAKE OFF.

And Petite Paper will remain to inspire celebration. Spread joy. Increase intimacy. Bring people together. Through keepsake-worthy paper goods that will make your heart sing.

Change is good. Embrace change. Grow with change. Flow with change. That's the only way to see how life / God takes you to the best adventure yet.

Will update again once it is up. Oh, it will be epic. Think clean, minimal lines, responsive layout and all-around awesomeness.

Have an awesome weekend lovelies. xx