March: Quickie Fashion Fix (Zara Special)


love a good chambray shirt, and I got my uber comfy, super versatile one from Zara Girls! As a petite girl, I get the "perks" of being able to shop at the kids section of stores like GAP and Zara. And I love those two brands to heaven and back. Quality and fashionable clothing that fit me well are pretty hard to find, and I hate alterations. Today I searched the ZARA website for a special post, just because. I've been lusting over the new ZARA stuff for a while now (oh, those shoes! I wanna get them in BOTH colors!) and it was perfect time to find some ZARA clothing to pair with my perfect chambray shirt.

(And yes, a chambray shirt is, to me, an essential in any wardrobe!)

ONE: My current favorite chambray shirt. The pearl buttons and cuffed sleeves are love, and it's super comfy and not made from stiff denim material! Perfect for wearing on its own, or layering (see below), or as a casual outerwear over a white shirt.

TWO: Since the cold, long winter is yet to end for many of you, why not make full use of your chambray shirt by layering it beneath a chunky, cute sweater like this one. I love the light, whimsical floral prints that add a pop of color to the outfit. Let your denim cuffs show, cuff them over the sleeves of the sweater.

THREE: If you're not planning on layering with a sweater, a light, pastel scarf is the way to go for summer/spring. Pastels match beautifully with denim and will add that extra style to your chambray shirt.

FOUR: White denim. Oh, white denim! I've been lusting over white jeans since I saw it paired on J.Crew. Denim on denim works perfectly when your chambray shirt meets white jeans. Look sleek, polished and effortlessly stylish with this ensemble. White denim practically oozes style! This one (and the shoes) have got me itching to open my wallet (which I can't till December!).

FIVE: These shoes!!!!! Yes, they deserve 5 exclamation marks! Oh, these shoes are so gorgeous in both colors, taupe and black. I love me my flats, and pointed flats with a gold cuff? I die. They are the epitome of style and will go well with any outfit (especially skirts!). But I would tuck the cuffs inside the legs of my white jeans and wear them with anyway. Ugh, I can't get over how gorgeous they are! Seriously!

SIX: Casual but polished looks will never be short of a camel-colored shopper. Seriously, these things are the easiest to maintain and match with any outfit, and are so easy for every trend that you have to have one in your wardrobe! This one works perfectly, but I've been eyeing the Givenchy Nightingale which looks gorgeous in camel too (you can't go wrong with camel. It's like the new black, but black is always the new black).

What do you think? I would so wear this ensemble! And chambrays are so versatile, and transcends all four seasons. ZARA really nailed it this season for me! Waiting for the sale season so I can give some hints to the husband... ;)