Mid-Year Check In

July_CheckinIt's been a long and gruelling two weeks, and I've grown so much the past two months that I just feel like I need to do a proper check in with y'all. I will be sharing more about the vulnerabilities and being human on the entrepreneurial journey in this month's Small Business Hour, so I shan't use the time here to further elaborate. Today's post is about positivity,  looking forward and embracing challenges. Our time is short, and there's just so much to do if we want to leave the legacy we want to leave. So I want to be intentional about our check-ins, and make sure that we are learning from the past half year and accepting the things that happened, instead of letting ideas/problems/grudges/boo-boos sit at the back of our minds and prohibit us from truly doing the great things in our lives.

So are you ready? There'll be about two weeks between this post and this month's Freebie but Goodie, and a little birdie told me that July's FBG will have a small bonus that'll help you consolidate your thoughts and truly check in for the mid-year.

1. How have you been? How have you been feeling?

I want to start off the check in by checking with you how you have been feeling. No matter what has happened during the past six months -- good or bad -- I want you to articulate how you feel. Rawly. Don't censor yourself, instead, honor and respect your own feelings by really diving deep and allowing yourself to feel. I want to tell you this right now: It is okay to feel things. How many times have we discounted our own feelings because we think we ought to be stronger? Don't. Honor and respect your own feelings, because you are the greatest asset in your business. If you don't take consideration of yourself and your wellbeing (physical and mental), who will?

You are the greatest asset in your business. If you don't take consideration of yourself and your wellbeing, who will?

For me, it's been a wild ride. I am doing great on the money front, as my business has grown leaps and bounds since the start of 2014. But on the other hand, I've been very stressed out, reluctant to work, overwhelmed and anxious about my business. I can feel myself sabotaging my business because I've hit a new level and I am scared. To bits. Of how this business will get bigger and the problems that come with it get more and more challenging to solve. I have been uninspired and I need to re-find the spark and the fuel to keep going because I need to impact more people. And make my life count. But I also need to go easier on myself, because I feel fatigued. Unworthy. Not good enough.

2. What victories can you celebrate in the last six months?

I am a great believer of celebration. I believe our lives are to be celebrated, and if there's nothing to celebrate, we ought to make something worthy of celebration. It's not coddling or exaggerating something that everyone can do, rather, it's digging deep and realizing that some events were milestones that we overlooked. That some things, whilst seemingly small, mean a lot to our hearts. And we gotta celebrate that. Remember to pat ourselves on the back and remind ourselves how far we've come, instead of constantly focusing on where you fell short and what needs to be done. Sometimes, slowing down is the greatest part of the journey. We have a Chinese proverb that says, resting is for covering a greater distance (directly translated). Take that rest so that you can cover greater things later on in your journey.

Some things, whilst seemingly small, mean a lot to our hearts. And we gotta celebrate that.

For me, January saw the release of my first ever eBook, The Legacy Mindset, which changed my life and the course of my business forever, and the subsequent release of the signature 365 Legacy Planner. February saw me taking the biggest leap ever and recording a video for the B-School Scholarship, and also getting a partial scholarship for a business and life coaching course (that will change my business quite significantly). In March, I signed up for the B-School program, even though at US$2000 was quite a stretch for me, but I loved it and it made me learn that investing in myself and my business was a good thing. April marked the start of B-School and it was a crazy time of many new friends and a lot more business, and also one of my most popular SBH posts yet. In May, I wrote a popular Legacy mini-series on my blog, and hired my first team member for the business. In June, I wrapped up my very first, and awesome, Start with Legacy Workshop, which I poured my heart and soul into and reached my highest grossing month ever.

3. What did you want to achieve, but haven't?

What is on your mind? What was put on your heart but you kept pushing away to the bottom of your huge to-do pile? Evaluate that and find out why it wasn't done, or why you haven't started. It helps when we look back on our challenges and analyze what went wrong, so that we can be so much more well-equipped for the next six months to come.

I haven't started planning for the fundraiser that I wanted to run, to raise money for the causes I believe in, because I got so caught up with the growing business. I have also yet to launch any paid courses though IGNITE: A Life and Business with Legacy has been on my mind for months now, because of fear (that I would launch to crickets) and that I wouldn't be able to cope with the massive amount of logistics. I also wanted to be in a better place and frame of mind for my business, and I am working towards that but can feel myself slipping away. I wanted to speak into people's lives and I feel like I've yet to really do that -- I need to refine my message and up my game.

4. What is the ONE thing every month that you want to achieve?

Look forward for the next six months. What is the ONE focus that you can zone in on for each month? Is this list going somewhere that you can see repeatedly and check off? Let the things you've pushed away resurface and prioritize them intentionally for the next six months. We are in this challenge together and we will check back in in December and January. Remember to remind yourself why these things should be your focus. Why do they matter to you? How are you improving the world, getting closer to your legacy, with this as your focus? How will you make it happen?

July: Master the basics of French and get enrolled into an intermediate class

August: Launch IGNITE

September: Run Fundraiser

October: Design and Launch Pre-order for the 2015 Legacy Planner

November: Run Start with Legacy LIVE again, and add 1000 people to my list

December: Go on vacation with the family


Has this check in helped you? Has it uncovered some things that you've been keeping under the surface? I don't know about you, but forcing (lol) myself to zone in on six things to focus on for the rest of the year was challenging and uplifting. It helped me really prioritize and discover what I really wanted to achieve and create in my business.

That's all for today, and I'll see you next week!