(Mini) Office Tour

As a creative designer, I'm extremely visual and believe that having a great, creative workspace is very important for my work. After a long deliberation with my husband, we decided to give the office and room a makeover. I wanted a bright, cheery and organized space that had a place for everything - my new business equipment, like photography styling props, stationery goods etc. - that would be easy to clean.

So far, I'm quite happy with how the room turned out. The office has great lighting, and the large table allows me to work with ease. I also took the chance to reorganize my closet and got a new set of clothes for the new year (which I will talk about in another post)!

Here's a small peek into where I work everyday:


My main workspace (above) is one of my favorite spaces. I have a large space for writing and drawing in my notebooks, plan for my days and coaching sessions, and design for my clients. The left pen holder is actually a tealight holder, which only cost me around $1. In humid Singapore, the mini table fun is a God-send as I spend most of my day at this desk.

I wanted to get an acrylic desk tray, but it was super costly to ship to Singapore and I couldn't find one I liked enough here. So I went to trusty IKEA again and found a huge plate which fit my Moleskine AND table perfectly for only S$9.90!

room8 room10

I love my Washi tapes so I have them at hand to jazz up my planning everytime.  My iPhone has to be near me most of the time, but I'm mostly chatting on the iMac instead.


On the other side of the table are some of my favorite things: - My vase: I get fresh flowers from time to time, and this is not one of those times, unfortunately. I love having natural flowers at my desk, they just beautify everything. - My thin felt pens, in cheery, wonderful colors: I use these for everything -- my Bible study, drawing, my work, filling in my planner and notebooks. They work great, and are super-affordable since it's hard to get my favorite Pigma Microns in colors here, or thin Sharpies. These do the trick and are always with me wherever I work! - Gorgeous Starbucks mug: This came from the last Christmas collection and I absolutely love it! The ombre + shine just slays me. - A London shot I took myself on our honeymoon framed in a gorgeous gold frame (again, IKEA)


My handy vision/inspiration board hangs over my desk, and I constantly dress it up in bright colors to cheer up my space (as you see, I love cheering up everything!). I tear out pages from magazines, and have my Legacy Creation Roadmap tacked up there as well - so I never forget to align my work to my legacy.

If you can spot it, I have this tiny diffuser(?) behind my iMac as well - I love having my space smell like my favorite scents. I particularly love Cranberry Joy from The Body Shop and Yankee Candles' Balsam & Cedar. Both very Christmassy and so heartwarming.

room11Just next to my table is my storage space. The white folder holders hold important life and business documents respectively, and the Cath Kidston folder holds my Legacy Planner. The birch(?) folder holder houses my daily paper essentials - from my planning pads to notebooks.

In the cube next to it, I have my "dumping ground" drawer and my everyday scent (Oh, Lola by Marc Jacobs). In the four drawers are all my stationery (extra markers, hole-punchers, staples, bulldog clips etc.), makeup, a wire drawer (with all my chargers and cables) and the last for my personal documents.


I keep some of my favorite books on top of my EXPEDIT shelf, together with my (ugly) huge monochrome printer (which does everything perfectly though, I have to say. Prints super fast, duplex, and faxes and scans). I'm currently getting through my iBloom in Business book, which is a worthwhile and affordable read (US$10) for business owners!


Behind me lies my credenza, or island as I'd like to call it. My color laser printer, Bibles, and keys and stuff lie on top of it. Inside there are compartments for my styling props, cameras, paper cutters, gym equipment, and... snacks for the office.

room13 room14

You can see our small mascot, the Polar Bear, sitting right next to the Bibles! :)


Shall end the posts with a few more shots! See my Emirates Stadium plaque/street sign over there? I love adding personal touches to my office. I am a gunner and this was a souvenir I brought back from visiting the Emirates Stadium during our honeymoon.

room3 room5 room12

I hope you enjoyed the mini tour of my office, and maybe it'll inspire you to cheer up your own too! I love working now more than ever. Organized spaces just make everything so much better. :)

I'd love to see your office spaces too! Share with me down below with some links, I'd love to check them out.