My first Workshop + Happy Holidays

By Kara Anne will be getting the long-awaited facelift before 2014 begins, but this will be the second last post I'll be writing for the year. I have big plans for 2014 (as I always do) and honestly, I know how much everyone just wants to enjoy the holidays and give yourself a break from the business-front (I know I do, and I need it!). So yes, this being the last (proper) post, I thought I'd be looking back at some of the things that happened this year. I am waiting for Lara Casey's posts to start planning for the new year (her Making Things Happen Powersheets and series are the most amazing thing ever!) and also looking forward to launching The Greatness Journal 2014, a planner and guide for the year for creative entrepreneurs and passionate individuals alike that I've been working on for a long time now.

This week I've been busy with launching and hosting my first workshop, Think Like An Entrepreneur. Tomorrow's the last day of the workshop, and it has been an inspiring and humbling experience. I can't believe that I had so much to give for a workshop, and I never thought I would get around to planning and writing a 5-dayer! Honestly! Whilst I have had "more-than-industry-average" opens but some unsubscribes during the process, I can't help but feel heartened when I see some of these AMAZING entrepreneurs open up each day's content 4 or 5 times! Some people are actually working on this as hard as I worked to produce it.


And seriously, the entire workshop was created to SERVE. I am so committed to seeing passionate individuals and great people create their legacies in this world. For them to work with purpose, build business with HEARTS and live life with celebration. I am so excited to see these entrepreneurs leave legacies and what they've come up with tomorrow.

Although it has been a tough two weeks because I couldn't give one of my clients what she wanted and felt really bad about it for days, I am heartened by the feedback from the workshop. I have been praying over my work, my projects, my clients and my life and am going to continue doing it. I might even make MORE changes to my business next year because I know what makes my heart sing and what I do to pay the bills. Don't get me wrong - I am a lover of MANY things and I do whatever I do with full-on heart and passion, but some work just gets my heart racin', y'know?

With the holidays fast approaching, and after going through the workshop TOGETHER with the subscribers, I am looking back at this amazing year and doing some consolidation, reflection and more restructuring. I launched two businesses and a blog this year. I streamlined my services and became a business coach. I launched my first workshop to modest success. I am going to launch the SECOND version of my DIY eCourse for entrepreneurs (previously Start Here and Now, renamed Spark Your Start) just before the year ends and I am writing so much for it you can't even imagine. I am working on meeting with a local printer to produce physical stationery (my love!) such as mousepads, planners, notepads and MORE (oh goodness golly). And I am still growing. And learning. And trying. And failing. And getting back up.

Sometimes your business breaks your heart. Sometimes you are forced to make changes to it that you were not prepared for. Sometimes your business drives you up the wall so bad that you just want to flop on the bed and concuss. But looking back at your year... I'm pretty sure you love your business anyway. And you wouldn't change a thing... Not even the failures.

So I'm just going to be grateful, be forward-looking and not let anything affect me having a great and joyful Christmas with the family and taking a good break over the holidays.


P.S. My last post will be the Freebie But Goodie for December!