My Quickie Fashion Fix

I decided to start a few categories for By Kara Anne in 2014, to better encompass what I'm like in real life! I recently got some new clothes for the year and I no longer shop for the rest of the year, so these two hauls were stressful, but so liberating at the same time. I don't have to stress over clothes or finances for shopping for the rest of the year (till December). I started this simplifying movement last year, when I decided I would no longer amass bags of inferior quality but that were trendy and cheap but to invest in one key, leather piece a year that would bring me from shopping to church to work.

With this series, I endeavor to create simple-to-recreate, stylish, easy-to-wear and flexible combinations with staple pieces that will match your wardrobe for years to come. Each post will style one entire outfit, with mix-and-match options. I actually do have most of these clothes I feature, if not all!

I carefully chose what I wanted to buy for the new year because I'd have to wear them the entire year! Hopefully these posts (there will be more comin' y'all!) will inspire you to streamline and simplify your wardrobe and carefully curate them with quality, lasting pieces that you can transcend from season to season and trend to trend.


I've been on the quest to find the perfect striped tee. So far I haven't found the one, but I've come pretty close. The (ONE) Crew Neck Zip Top in Stripe is structured yet relaxed, of great quality, and easy to pair with just jeans, a plain skirt, or "trendied up" with a patterned skirt. I love mixing patterns, so a basic striped tee is perfect for doing just that! The crew neck is great to keep things simple, but the exposed zipper detail gives the tee a bit more style. Pair this with the (TWO) cropped blazer by ASOS and you're good to go - for work or play!

Choose to keep the outfit simple and chic with black skinny jeans (THREE, from People's Market, or ASOS, or Vila) or shake things up with a contrasting patterned skater skirt (FOUR, out of stock from GAPKids, similar from Glamorous). Take your chic to the next level with these GORGEOUS (and super comfy might I add!) pointed heels at the perfect height (I've been eyeing these babies for a year before I finally got them on sale!) from ASOS SONIC (FIVE). Or play the outfit casual by adding these walk-on-clouds-comfy, luxurious (SIX) Sam Edelman Felicia Ballet Flats (no breaking in required!).

Curious about my bag buy of the YEAR that goes with every outfit? I deliberated for three months before I decided on the 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli (Medium) in Black. After adding two more punched holes to the strap, I can now dress it up or down. I love it! It goes perfect with the outfit styled today as well.

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 8.20.53 pm

I love that the bag adds a touch of class and finesse to every outfit.

What do you think of today's Quickie Fashion Fix? Would you wear this? I actually have every piece pictured today. They were part of my "quality over quantity" buy in January this year. Let me know if this category would interest you so I can do more pairings and help you streamline and simplify your wardrobe for 2014.