New Home!

Happy new year all my awesome readers! It has been a while since I last written -- I've been busy enjoying my holidays and getting my first eBook written and launched. It is such an exciting year, y'all!

And what better way to start 2014 on By Kara Anne than with the new design! I've shared the moodboard and brand board with you guys in November last year, and have only just found the time to finish up the blog design. I'm super in love with my new home, and I'm hoping you guys love it as much as I do too!

Here's what By Kara Anne will be up to in January: - Small Business Hour on planning your life and business for the new year - Fashion Haul for the year on essentials and mixing them up - The long-awaited new office reveal! - Moodboard and brand board for a recent client project - Freebie but Goodie January!

Tiny important announcement...

Please do sign up for my blog newsletter (you can just enter your name and email on the right! Fast and easy!) to receive monthly updates (you will be e-mailed once a month with links to all the posts) and also your Freebie but Goodie for the month! The Freebie but Goodie section will be announced on the blog but will ONLY be available for download for subscribers! There will be no more download link on the end of the FBG post from 2014 onwards.

On the other side of town...

I also want to share with you what's been happening on The Petite Co. and Petite Paper front. Petite Paper will be taking a very, very short hiatus as I endeavor to update the site to being fully dedicated to stationery and paper goods. We're also currently hunting for and talking with local printers to create PHYSICAL stationery and paper goods for all occasions (I am mad excited about this!).

On The Petite Co. front, I've recently finished writing and launched my first eBook, The Legacy Mindset, for FREE to all my subscribers. The book came about from a legacy idea given to me on my birthday by Daddy God, but for the non-Christians out there, don't worry, the book has no preachy/religious stuff going on, just a simple guide to living out your legacy and really changing your life inside and out, business or otherwise. The eBook will come in a FREE bundle with a Legacy Creation Roadmap toolkit, and is available for download on The Petite Co. immediately after you subscribe to our Petite community. It is my greatest hope that the book and toolkit will bless so many of my followers and allow them to use 2014 to really start living out their legacy and create a life they love.

The eBook and toolkit will only be free for a limited time so grab it now! :)

I'll be back really soon for Small Business Hour (January). See y'all and have a great weekend!