Özil to Arsenal!


I feel obliged to blog about Özil's crazy dramatic deadline-day transfer to Arsenal! Even though it happened some time ago and technically has nothing to do with this blog, but hey, football is part of me right?

I think there's something so exhilarating about supporting a sports team. More exhilarating and exciting in fact, if this sports team happens to be a BPL team. I know, everyone probably says that about their preferred spot, but seriously, you want drama, you can find it at BPL. And the constant team rivalries, manager spats keep it so interesting it is no wonder the supporters can't take their eyes away for even a week.

Supporting Arsenal can be sometimes a boring thing to people who don't understand. We have not won anything (trophies) in a long while and the fans constantly get mocked by other top-tier teams that have outperformed us in the trophy front for years. But there is just something about supporting a club like that -- who doesn't believe in splurging on players (for whatever the reason, let's not get into that), and who believes in grooming players instead of buying "proven" players from other clubs. There is a certain "high horse mentality" amongst some of the fans, but personally, I just feel that we are like rebels in an increasingly materialistic and capitalistic society. Sure, there are people who will say that we don't buy because our board members + manager are pocketing the profits, but that's besides the point I am trying to make now, so just.... OK? (LOL, I miss my HIMYM)

Being "business-owners", they know better than the fans do that to keep the club raking in as much profit as it does right now, they have got to perform somehow. With our youngsters getting increasingly angst-y over the years, they know they have got to do something, fast. If not to get some silverware, or just to you know... keep the club where it is right now (which coincidentally, as people tend to forget, isn't that bad of a place, it just isn't good enough). So whilst there is a lot of unhappiness over the club's management, I am taking a totally different stand, not being on either side really.

I love the club, for the clubFor the playersFor the amazing style of play. Not for the trophies, for the manager (so much), or for the new signings. I love that our players have this spirit when they are together, and the way they talk about the club... Sometimes it really makes my heart whole, y'know? Seeing an amazing victory by an underestimated club... Woah. The awesomeness. The underdogs do winMoney isn't the solution for everythingAgainst all odds...

It's an amazing feeling really, being 'part of' a club like that. It transcends so many more things that non-fans wouldn't understand. The love for the club > the hatred for the management. The love for the club > the disappointment of having no trophies. Spirit, y'all.

That same spirit is what made us fans so freaking happy over the Özil signing -- not that we believe he is the solution for ALL our problems, not that we are happy that Wenger finally splashed some cash, but really adding quality that we never dared to dream of for the club. That's always a good thing. What is football without amazing players and play? What's the point of treating all the players like entities, transferring them from one club to another for money, but really, losing the real meaning of the sport in the midst.

So excited for another week of great football. That's all that really matters.

Last week there was no football game due to the international break (where players go on their international duties instead) and it was a slow weekend for the hubby and I (and I'm sure, for most football fans around the world). But I'm so looking forward to this week. Not only for football, and Özil playing, but for a better week overall.