Playing Catch Up


It has been a cray-cray last week of November for me, with the redecoration/renovation of the office/bedroom space taking longer than expected, having to make last minute changes to furniture choices because they were out of stock, and falling quite ill at the worst of times (yes, during the whole redecoration period) which slowed down the unpacking process. But all's good now, I'm feeling much better, I am sitting at my new office space (albeit an undecorated one) and I am catching up on a gazillion e-mails, delayed work (I am so very sorry, my dear clients) and basically getting back into the groove for work because it's the DECEMBER MADNESS PERIOD!

I have a retreat/staycation coming up with the hubby on the 9th, I have to create December's FBG, finish up client work for the YEAR (how crazy is that, folks?), write Small Business Hour articles, launch my Christmas/Holiday print collection (yes there will be PRINTED versions available now! Eek!), launch The Greatness Journal (oh, it is SO good!), finish up By Kara Anne's new site (goodness gracious), launch my Start Here Start Now DIY Workshop (early bird sign-ups at $59 here) AND start my free 5-day workshop, Think Like An Entrepreneur (sign up for it here). OH MY GOODNESS, how do I get all these done in time? But as always, not as I will, but as You will...

Not to forget I have a home Christmas party to plan, helping out at the Church Server's Christmas party, and basically still getting the rest of my life IN CHECK. For 2014, the Petite office is also getting ready to get all our legal bases covered, have our new business cards and stationery done up and probably the most exciting of all... working with a printer to develop a whole line of stationery goods that make my heart sing and my inner organizing freak shout for joy.

Happy Cyber Monday shopping everyone, and do check out the new The Petite Co. site (yes it is up! Not fully, but it is up!) for our new 2014 rates and services list.

I will be back really soon!