QFF April: Scents

It's April and many parts of the world have started thawing out, but where I'm at, it's been hot as hell. Honestly, we got like two days of rain and relief last week, then it was about 93 F all of last week. You couldn't sit around without getting sweaty, and it was super humid as well. I don't mean to complain in my first line of my blog post, but I can't help it! It's been messing with my work as well, because it's just too hot to concentrate. Hopefully tomorrow will be better, I've been working on tons of stuff I can't wait to share.

But being a (wannabe) fashionista is more than just clothes, shoes and bags. We gotta smell like Spring all the freakin' time too. I'm a pretty late bloomer in terms of scents, and I only got my first "proper" bottle of fragrance when I turned 21, which was the Oh, Lola! by Marc Jacobs. It was floral and juicy at the same time, and did not have the sickeningly sweet scent some fragrances tended to leave behind. I just finished up my bottle today, and I sorta miss it already. That's the thing about scents, right? We tend to grow attached to a certain way it makes us smell and it's hard to let go. Maybe I should get another bottle of it soon...


As you can probably tell from the picture, I'm more into the fruity and floral scents. I was very kindly gifted a Victoria's Secret Bombshell by a friend who travelled to the US, and sorta fell in like with it. Whilst it was a little on the sweet side, it lasted all day long (longer than my Oh, Lola! and Jo Malones) and it kept me feeling pretty feminine. I love to put some on when I'm in a flirty dress or something pink, but because of its affordability I've grown to increasingly lean on it as an everyday scent. Victoria's Secret just makes you feel so... fun.

But as you know, my love for London trumps pretty much everything else, and I briefly heard about Jo Malone on a beauty vlogger's channel, so when I went for my honeymoon and saw a Jo Malone store, I was super thrilled! They offered top-notch services and I was feelin' mighty fine after visiting the Windsor Castle, so I sat down for a hand massage and they let me try on the Nectarine Blossom and Honey which I immediately fell in love with, and recommended me to pair it with the English Pear & Freesia. I was too attached to the former and left with both the perfume and moisturizer, but was kindly gifted the English Pear on another occasion, so now I have both (so blessed)!

Jo Malone is so London. From the packaging, to the storefronts to the service, it is so quintessentially British. The scents leave me feeling fresh and natural without trying too hard, but adds a touch of sophistication. I use my Jo Malones on Sundays and special days. It's become my signature scent and I just can't seem to leave it behind! Oh, all these talk about London has made me miss it badly again!

So, what about you? Have you found that secret signature scent yet? The one that makes you feel oh-so-special, and super dressed up no matter where you're heading? If you haven't, you might wanna take a look at Jo Malone - where you can mix and pair scents to create something that's just perfect for you. The entire process will make you feel pampered and the packaging is to die for! I couldn't bear opening the pretty bag! Also, what is your go-to, everyday scent? Share, I would love to give them a whiff if I spot them somewhere!