Roadmap to Legacy Action [P2]

Note: This is part two of a four-part mini series published every Friday for the month of April. apr_sbh_p2


Small business ownership is a funny thing. It is truly a journey of learning self-ownership: taking full control of your life and your body. Because small business ownership can often be so personal and so close to our hearts (I believe that our businesses should be an extension of ourselves, and should make our hearts truly sing), the line between business and personal can be awfully thin, and sometimes even non-existent. It is so much so for us small business owners, but in actual fact everyone experiences this, entrepreneur or not, in varying degrees -- the inability to set adequate boundaries and setting the actual stage for abundance and success in everything we endeavor.

And the truth is this: We need to stage our lives.

We need to set the stage for unprecedented success and abundance, no matter what season we are in. Only then can we truly enjoy and find joy and heart in every season, and therefore be able to truly unleash our legacy-making capabilities every single time.

Remember? We are here for greatness. Nothing short of that will do. We want to make the conditions so favorable that we are building on that amazing legacy we set out to build last week on every turn.

This is a simple concept, but not an easy one to digest -- I could take a whole mini eBook to explain this portion. So we're going to dial it down, simplify it to the essence so that we can all benefit from the true power of legacy-making in our lives, before we embark on the lofty task (not that legacy in life is any much easier) of igniting our legacies in business. You've probably heard it before -- the foundations are crucial to success. And that's what we're delving into today, creating a sure-footed, amazing foundation that is unshakeable and a game-changer.

Think about home staging (which I love, by the way) and really see how it can apply to your life. Setting up your stage for legacy-making is really about seeing your life as a home, and the buyer as your legacy. We want to make all conditions favorable, everything in its place (as best as it can be -- nothing is perfect, and that's okay) and present our best foot forward in order to start creating this legacy we want to leave behind. Sounds like a big task, eh? But hey, it's going to be hella worth it, I promise you.

It's really about identifying the style that will appeal to your buyers the most, getting the necessary décor in order to attract these buyers, and then be ready for the showing and socializing and selling.

Put that analogy into your life?

Your home style is your heart and passion.

Your décor is your framework.

And your showing is your implementation.

What we really need to do for legacy to really unleash its great power in your life is to identify your heart and passion (which wouldn't be too hard now that you've got your legacy nailed down), create a framework for it to work as beautifully as possible, and find a way to implement it and take action. It really is that simple a concept.

It really is more of a season of preparation than anything else. Whilst my legacy is to help other people live with joy and fulfilment through finding their own legacies, my heart is to live with purpose for God, be present-minded for the people I love and to see things in positive light, always. Do you see the difference?

Your heart helps you execute your legacy, but it is all your own. It is not tied to anyone else or anything else.

My passion, on the other hand, is to actively see things in a new way, to make everyday exceptional and to put my best into everything I do to honor God. It is what drives me forward and out of bed every morning.

Your passion builds on your heart and core, and it is the impetus behind making your legacy. It is what gives you motivation. And strength.

We then move on to our framework. What can we create to make our heart and passion show up in our lives? We want to create the favorable conditions, remember? To make everything simpler, we need to make sure that we have something in place that grounds our heart, and our passion, and our legacy. This can range from having a full-fledged automation process (using To-Do apps on your phone, having your groceries sent to your doorstep...) to just having a morning routine (30-minutes of Bible study and prayer at 6am, taking 1-hour to practice yoga...) and it is a framework that will help you live life better.

To start creating your framework for your life you must think of what your essentials are. What matters the most to you, where your priorities lie. Then plan out your days according to that -- make your priorities truly a priority. Schedule in family breakfasts. Date nights with your spouse. Time for leisure reading. Even just having a box of chocolates. Think of what makes your day more joyful, more complete if you could only squeeze that in.

Make your priorities truly a priority, and use that as a base for your life's framework.

And then it's time for the hardest part of all -- implementation. And that needs no explanation, or introduction whatsoever. You just commit to do. Commit to living life on your terms, to setting boundaries for your life using your framework, to do what makes you joyful, to intentionally live life with heart and passion, and to set the stage for your abundance and success. If you take care of your body and your life, everything else will fall into place. Trust me. Many times we encounter overwhelm precisely because we missed a step: along the way we put other things and other people ahead of ourselves too much.


1. Fully articulate and describe your heart and passion, in one sentence each. Find out what really stirs up your soul and drives you and write that down.

2. Figure out your top 5 priorities in your life. Then figure out ONE way each that you can plan into your life schedule, right now. If you're game, you can even improve certain life processes (like no push notifications on your phone, not checking the email on your personal time etc.) to refine and solidify this framework even further.

3. Implement. Actually DO some of these things that you wrote down -- do more of what stirs your heart and passion.

It's a big topic to cover, and I know I cannot fully cover it all in one post. So that's why I created the exclusive and free Start with Legacy Workshop. It's a 21-day workshop for subscribers to The Petite Co. filled with videos, daily e-mail instructions and worksheets to help you do this and so much more. We'll talk deeper about your legacy, clearing clutter, and really setting the stage for your success. It's happenin', y'all. I can feel it in my bones.