SBH April: Roadmap to Legacy Action [P1]

Note: This is part one of a four-part series published every Friday for the month of April. 

I've decided to do a four-part mini series about Roadmap to Legacy Action -- because I know how hard it is for someone to wrap her head around the entire legacy idea (amidst the craziness of thousands of good ideas in the industry) and really use it for her good. Although I've provided The Legacy Mindset, I've found that it's always easier to go through things step-by-step and in small, digestible forms with action steps that will help me throughout the journey, so this is just that. A longer, Small Business Hour goodness for you for the month of April.


Today we're really touching on what legacy really is and what it means to you. I want to help you understand the impact of legacy in your life, and how you are supposed to use it for your good.

Some people have been baffled about my obsession with legacy. The fact is that it's been so awe-inspiring that I don't know where to start to explain it or articulate it accurately to everyone who questions this premise. It's like when you catch this really, really good sitcom on TV, and you just don't know how to tell people how funny it is because y'know, you have to watch it to get it, so all you can really say is, "It's really that good, watch it for yourself and you'll see!" And that's really how I feel about legacy. Try it for yourself and you'll see.

Legacy is really about the greatness you're leaving behind.

But, it goes so much more than that. When you discover the greatness you are leaving behind, you inevitably continue building on it, making this greatness all the greater. You'll find joy in building upon it, find fulfilment and peace and everything that's yummy. It's really like devouring an awesome cupcake -- you just can't get enough.

Remember the two questions I've asked you to answer so that you can have your total message clarity that will help you pinpoint and live out your legacy? Do you realize what you're actually doing with the questions? You're zoning in on the great things that you do, that you love doing, and that others love receiving. It's just that great.

Your legacy is about what you are building upon and living out in this lifetime -- that which makes you happy, fulfilled, joyful, content, peaceful and all warm inside whilst you are doing it -- and what you are leaving behind for generations to come.

It is what people say when they're asked, "Hey, do you know ___? What do you think about her?" and what people will remember about you for many, many years to come. It's not a morbid thought, it's an amazing, liberating thing when you know how you want to be perceived, what makes your heart sing, and what you should be doing.

Think about it: No more confusion, no more circling, no more doing what pleases others. All the amazing you. The best you wrapped up in ribbons and expensive wrapping paper that makes people feel all excited inside when they are handed the gift.

It's the culmination of what you're supposed to do with what you love to do.

Magical, eh? To think that we hold this amazing, innate power within us. Every one of us. To do something special that we've been put here to do, and we would thoroughly love and enjoy doing it. That's the gorgeous end-goal I'm talking about here.

If you take control of this power, this mind-numbing, unexplainable goodness -- you will see fireworks. And there's more ways than one to take control. Whilst I educate and mentor entrepreneurs to live out their legacies through entrepreneurship, you do your thing, awesome. That thing that speaks to you. That thing that makes your heart aflutter, that makes your day (and soul) complete.

Will you take this invitation that I'm extending to you today?

It's not woo-woo stuff. It really isn't. It's a powerful thing that requires you to take action, that will allow you to formulate action plans and baby steps to see the things you want to see happen. Your wildest dreams.

Action Step for Part One:

Comment and let me know what your legacy is. How you are saying yes to the invitation today. Write it down, and pin it on your moodboard/inspiration board or design it into a wallpaper for your desktop and your phone. Make it seen. Make it loud. It deserves the attention.

Oh, and on that note, I've sent out a special (exclusive, and secret) Bloom Where You Are Planted desktop and phone wallpaper to my The Petite Co. subscribers last week. They are mega cute, if I do say so myself, and I've had them on my devices and they cheer up my day significantly. Get yours here, totally free.

We're really going to dig deeper into Legacy next week -- and implementing action. Real homework is about to begin and it's all going to get really, really hot, but really, really fun and life-changing.


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