SBH: How to Build Brand Legacy

October_BrandLegacySo many of us are bloggers and online entrepreneurs and business owners here, right? Which is exactly why so many of us spend so, much, time in front of the computer and at our desks, connecting and sharing our hearts with people that are miles away from us, and offering good work and value and love through our businesses and various other platforms. And that's amazing, y'all. I always say a small prayer to God for the gift of the internet. I was on a mastermind earlier today with a few other girls, all from the other side of the world, and I just marveled at the magic that is the internet. Instant connection, no matter how far or at what time.

But our lives are so much more than that, right? I emphasize on legacy so much because I believe with a passion that we were placed on earth for greatness. To shine forth, not only as a flash of light... But to live on as that light.

And I've forgotten to merge that legacy "school of thought" with my SBHs here for you. I know I've touched on legacy in business many times, but I just wanted to refocus that with branding, which I do with many of my clients. Legacy is such a core part of my business and my brand strategy sessions with my clients that I was spurred to write this post for you -- BRAND LEGACY. A brand that lives on as a light. A beacon of whatever values you hold dear, that forms your core. A brand that transcends trends, time and difficult periods in business. A brand that stands strong.

So many brands are more than just a pretty face nowadays, and that's great. We're all moving forward with our businesses, wanting more and more to merge our cores with our businesses and letting our authenticity shine through our pretty online presence. So today I want to give you another leg up... A few tips to help you build a legacy for your own brand, and business.

Why do we need to create brands that live on?

With so many businesses being started today, it can get awfully difficult to shine through the clutter and let yourself be seen. A brand that lives on is created on a super foundation -- one that's rooted to your core and your values, and one that is built not spontaneously and on a whim but intentionally refined over time. Sometimes it can get noisy out there. You may find yourself drowning in information, or being pulled in a million different directions, or in a dilemma on which passion to pursue. But with a legacy brand, it stays constant. When the war wages outside, the inside is solid. And good. And patient.

I encourage all my clients (and also blog readers) to build an inside-out business, not an outside-in one. That way, you'll always have a roadmap to go back to, should you fall short (and we all do) or lose your way.

1: Have a bigger message

This month, I'm all about small business. But small businesses with a BIG message. I've been doing core work intentionally and repeatedly throughout the last year, and this is something I truly believe in and come back to. My business name in itself echoes this (The Petite Co., with a polar bear as a mascot). Brands that start off with a bigger message -- a bigger heart to serve beyond making money and satisfaction (although those are very important in business-building, too) and a bigger purpose and intention -- tend to leave a stronger impression and thus, a brand legacy.

Think of Erin Giles for example -- I can't think of her or her brand without thinking of her Stop Human Trafficking Day campaign, and also of her passion in philanthropy work and helping other entrepreneurs immerse this into their businesses as well. Amazing, right? I can't think of Marie Forleo without thinking of her tagline, which is helping entrepreneurs build a business and life they love. I can't think of Lara Casey without thinking of her belief on destroying fears and making things -- that matter -- happen. I can't think of Emily Ley without thinking of her passion for simplicity and bringing our hearts back to what truly matters, and where our treasures lie.

Woah. Amazing, right?

[bctt tweet="When you have a bigger message that's beyond just YOU, you cause ripples."]

2: Truly connect with the people you meet

Our business is a journey, there are lots of people that we will meet along the way, whether we like them or not. And to build a brand that truly leaves a legacy involves truly connecting with the people who are placed along your journey. To speak to their hearts and understand, truly, what they are going through and how you can overcome it, together. When your business is like a silent movement -- able to spur people on, lift people up and bring them into intentional action... Bingo. That's brand legacy building right there.

Your bigger message causes ripples, and your connection causes these ripples to turn into waves. And y'all, waves have impact. They touch people. They wash over people.

[bctt tweet="When your business is like a silent movement? Bingo. That's brand legacy building right there."]

3: Fight for what you love

When you have true passion and fire about your message, you fight for it. You find bigger and better ways -- dreamy ways, even -- to show up for it. Your products and services become an extension of it and they flow beautifully out of service and love instead of money-making motives. And honestly? I haven't seen a single person who fought for their passions and their powerful message to not have a legacy brand. Those examples I gave up there? Which one of them didn't work hard to fight for the message they wanted to leave with the world? They had a core that was reflected in everything they do and that empowered everything they did.

So authenticity hits here. If your message wasn't intentionally crafted, you will lost steam halfway. You will find it hard to fight when the going gets tough. Your brand legacy is exuded naturally when you merge your greatest passions, your core values and your business expertise with your brand identity and strategy.

[bctt tweet="When you have true fire about your message, you find bigger and better ways to show up for it."]

4: You work tirelessly on your heart

Our hearts need refinement, just as our businesses do. And a true brand legacy wasn't built in a day... It is meticulously built upon day after day. It was refined from stone. Building a brand legacy that withstands the test of time requires you to work tirelessly on it. And that can only happen when you're deeply rooted to your core. It requires you to be focused upon it when there is noise or clutter. It requires intentionality.

I know we can be distracted by shiny things. I know that we are multi-passionate AND multi-talented. But I also know that we can make a choice -- an intentional one -- to direct whatever we're doing at that moment, that brings satisfaction and joy to our hearts, to our legacy. Everything points back to it. And that's when you make a habit out of the people who follow you. You refine and you refine and you work on and you work on it until it sticks.

[bctt tweet="Your brand legacy stands the test of time because YOU stood tirelessly for it."]

So this is all I have for you today. I could go on and on, but building a brand legacy starts here. It's not cheesy, or woo-woo, or wishy-washy. It's the TRUTH. Companies that inspire and spur and lead movements and have loyal followers and that live on despite changes in the market or in the management do so because they have a legacy that they're constantly leaving. They cast impressions on our hearts and our lives.

I know that's the kind of brand I want to build. How about you?

Leave me some tips on how you create brand legacy. If you'd love to chat more, contact me for some Brand Legacy Sessions (quote 'BKA' for a special rate of $150 for a 60-minute session with pre-session homework). I'd love to speak to you and help you craft and build your brand legacy.