SBH: How to Make Your Business MATTER

SBH_FebIn this new age of business and marketing, creative small business owners are all about making their business matter to their ideal clients. We are all about letting your ideal clients know of your existence and for them to care about your business.

We are bombarded by so much information everyday that we actually care less about a lot of things, unless they truly matter to us and our business and can trigger a change in our lives. We have so little time, but so many things to take care of, and thus, very little spare time to truly take the time to understand any brand, or business, or website, but only barely enough time to briefly scan through the things that pique our interest everyday (which is a lot - divide the time you have spare, by the things that pique your interest and you would find that that's hardly any time at all).

That's why we're in the business of caringOf giving. Of making positivity happen. So that we can matter. Easier said than done, right?

I pulled together five useful tips, especially inspired by my eBook, The Legacy Mindset, which you should probably pick up if you are in the business of making your life and work matter, that will help you change your approach or tweak certain parts of your business, copy or product/service to make it matter more to your ideal clients. Because after all, who wants to be stuck with clients who drive you nuts and don't add value to your business? Remember - your worst client, the one who brings you nightmares and sweaty palms and chunks of pulled-out hair, might be someone else's ideal client. So let's stick to the things we want, shall we?

1. Identifying the unique purpose of your business.

With so many providers giving us similar help and solutions for our problems, how do consumers ultimately decide who to go for? The answer is that most of us choose to work with businesses that we can relate to, whose values are similar, or aligned to ours. We choose to work with business that provide us more value than we expect.

We are here for a greater purpose, and so is our business. A candy-store owner's purpose isn't selling candy, it's seeing the look on the faces of candy-lovers and children alike when they buy his candy and enjoy it. A web designer's purpose isn't just selling web design, it's helping my clients reflect their values, story and skills in their online home, and converting their visitors to paying customers.

ACTION STEP: Identify your business's unique purpose.

2. Make your unique purpose transparent.

The purpose of your business is irrelevant to your customers if they cannot see it. Thus, the purpose of your business should not only be unique, but should also be transparent.

Your ideal clients should be able to see your greater purpose for your business through everything they come across - your web design, your branding, your copy, your products and services - and understand and relate to that purpose, without even having to speak to you at all.

You have to not only identify your purpose, but be able to translate it to your clients effectively.

ACTION STEP: Think of 3 ways you can translate your unique business purpose to your clients.

3. Provide irresistible value to your ideal clients.

When a client chooses to work with you, they are indirectly telling you that they trust you and your expertise. So we know that trust + expertise = income + mattering.

We thus want to choose to build trust with our clients so that we can get in on their "nice list" and matter to them when they need a service/product that we offer! Many times, businesses provide "subscribe bribes" or freebies that are designed to attract their ideal clients and provide value to these people. Now, small but important advice here: Never get caught up with providing freebies or "bribes" just for converting clients. Our end-goal here is and always will be to provide value to our ideal clients - PAID OR NOT

Believe it or not, your motives behind giving something away shows in your freebie/bribe. Everything is an experience, and they translate to your ideal clients. So they will know if you only want their email address, and not truly want to provide value for them.

We want to create things that matter to our ideal clients, that provide value to their lives or business, that are generous and that help them in a bigger way. Look at your freebies/bribes as part of a much bigger picture, instead of a straight line from "free" to "sale". It doesn't work that way!

ACTION STEP: Brainstorm and think of one free thing that you can give away - that is generous, that provides irresistible value, that your ideal clients want, that you can provide (without disadvantaging yourself - the new age of business is about MUTUAL BENEFIT) and that aligns with your business purpose. Bonus points for outlining it and actually creating it!

4. Remembering to interact and empathize.

We pay good, hard-earned money for what we need and want. Would you willingly pay to a robotic machine that is non-responsive, that does not know what you need, or care, if you could find someone else who would actually get to know you, pick out something that s/he knows is perfect and special for you and package it beautifully for you and provide you a complete customer experience (you can even return it!)? I'm gonna bet the answer is no.

We want to connect with our customers, we want them to know that we are real people and that we love to interact with them and find out more about them. We can also empathize and understand what they are going through, what they like and dislike, and provide solutions and value and content for those things.

You can provide content in a myriad of ways now because you know what they want and like! Your content may not always and specifically mention your business, but the traffic you drive, the rapport you build will eventually translate into trust and sales. How boring is it to read about a business that only always talks about themselves and the products/services they provide? Bleh! We give our business to people who genuinely care.

ACTION STEP: Think of 5 different ways that you can provide content/interact with your clients that will allow you to know them better and serve them, in ways that are directly and indirectly connected to your business. Bonus points for actually doing these things!

5. Be consistent.

All these 4 steps are good and dandy, but remember that whilst it is hard work, you must be consistent in delivering them to your clients. If you fall off the bandwagon, sometimes it is hard for them to remember that you exist, no matter how much they like you! Keep in constant contact, make them feel like you are there, but not intrusive.

ACTION STEP: Create an editorial calendar, or a 3-12 month plan on how you can be consistent with the first four steps.

We are in a new age - our clients are discerning, clever, and particular. They know what they can get with every penny and they want to give it to people who matter to them. BE the business that matters.

Did this post help you? I would LOVE to hear if you got any inspiration or actually took any action using these 5 tips. Let me know in the comments! Also, if this post was helpful to you, share it on whichever platform that you fancy, or even better, ALL of them! x