SBH: Planning for the new year

LBH1My favorite time of the year is here. And I've been missing in action, again. It's been a crazy busy time, as I take on more than ever for Christmas. Now almost everything is in place and I have the time to sit down and write to you... So I shall. I've been preparing the 2015 Legacy Planner relentlessly for the past two months. It's a product of my heart and a distillation of what The Petite Co. stands for and believes in. But I have yet to launch it... At a time when everyone is launching planners and getting ready for the new year. And today I'm going to talk about that as well as getting ready for the new year.

By now, you've probably already received hundreds of "Prepare for the New Year Right!" emails or webinars in variations. And I am a planner at heart -- a hardcore one at that. But for once, I am not planning for the new year. I am not taking out my Legacy Planner and sitting down with it.

Because, well... 2014 is still here. And it feels too much like wishing time away when I constantly focus on 2015 and not on the time I have left now.

The tragedies in the past week have reminded me even more of being present and savoring my season, right now. Instead of always chasing after next year, next week, tomorrow... I want to focus on today. Now. This blessed holiday season that's beautiful and comforting and full of joy and love -- whether you celebrate it or not.

My family has never been Christian, nor have we ever celebrated Christmas growing up. But when I started having the financial means to, I bought a Christmas tree. And filled the bottom with presents. And got a Christmas feast. Because I love the feeling of all of us around the table, joking and laughing and opening presents. The warm, cozy feeling of being with your closest ones. It's like a picture-perfect moment in life. You cannot do anything else but be present. Not be bothered by whatever happened in that year, or even this morning as you were trying to stuff that turkey into the oven... Just now.

So today I want to challenge you to slow down and savor this season. Savor the season of not only Christmas, but of closing off the year and welcoming the new year. Savor what's left of 2014, look back and celebrate, and live out the rest of 2014.

What will you do with these two weeks of 2014? They are as precious, if not more so, than the first two weeks of 2015.

The planning can come later. Let's enjoy 2015 when it comes. For now, 2014. First.