Self-Care for the Legacy Entrepreneur

October_SelfCareI've missed y'all. I've missed having this place to share my heart and what I have been called to talk about. But I am back! Talking about one of my favorite topics of all time, self-care. I took time off writing my newsletter and my blog to really realign with my core because that's just what I need. I've been experiencing both comfortable and uncomfortable growth since April this year and I am morphing and changing every day. Sometimes the amount of changes catch up with me and I need to go back to the drawing block, remind myself and refine my goals and clarify my vision for the rest of the year.

And today, I want to talk about self-care because I know y'all so well. As a legacy entrepreneur encouraging fellow entrepreneurs and creatives who are constantly creating and cultivating their legacies, I know y'all all too well. Legacy entrepreneurs are full of heart, of passion, of love, and of caring for others. We pour out so much for so many, because we feel it in our bones. We feel the need to reach out and help, to care for, because it is in the blood. It makes up our legacy. It makes us legacy entrepreneurs and sets us apart from the rest.

And exactly because we truly care so much... We forget to care for ourselves. We draw and draw and draw from our wells, but sometimes forget to replenish it. And you cannot draw water from an empty well.

You may not be burnt out -- I know I wasn't. Mostly just misaligned and reverting back to business as usual and running on autopilot. But in order to give your best and your authenticity to the people who matter most, a little self-care might be in order! I have some quick steps to help you love yourself a little bit more this week (and beyond):

1. What makes you genuinely joyful?

Is it a kiss from your baby girl? Is it a bathroom full of nice-smelling products? Is it a candle that smells of Christmas? Is it a long, quiet lay on the beach? Whip out that handy Evernote and start writing things down. They don't have to be in complete sentences, just write it all down. I guarantee you there will be a smile on your face just by thinking of these things!

To share a little, I went on a mini shopping spree this month. I got myself a gorgeous candle that smells of cedar and trees and vanilla (in a perfect little holder that has my initial K in gold, heaven!), some planning tools for next year from Kikki-K (how much does pretty stationery make you swoon?) and a whole lot of Lush products. People, I am officially a Lushie and a convert. I may never stop buying Lush products or hanging around their website. I will post a picture of my ginormous haul soon. And my skin is glowing and my hair smells good all the time. All these things make me so happy! Of course, I took a lot of quiet time off with my husband and watched a lot of my guilty pleasure, PewDiePie on Youtube. Don't judge me, that guy makes me laugh with his mindless jokes sometimes (OK, a lot of the time. I'm mostly mature so I get a pass for this, right?).

2. Pick three things you can do, right now. And do them.

It doesn't have to cost anything or take three hours. What is on that list that you can do right now? Is it drawing the blinds, lying on the bed and putting on soothing music on Spotify? Or is it dancing in your jammies to your favorite jam? Maybe it's switching out the inspirational print on your vision board. Go and do those things! You will be amazed at how quickly a small thing on your JOY list can make you smile or lift your spirits.

I looked through my London pictures a lot over the last two weeks. A piece of my heart is there and forever will be, and I miss London with a true heartache. Looking at the pictures bring me so much joy and take but 5 minutes of my time. So, worth, it. Sometimes I also oddly sort out the bills I've paid and put them out of my sight. It makes me just that tiny bit more joyful!

3. Reward yourself for the week or month.

I know sometimes money is tight. Heck, my hubby and I have gone through some really, really lean times. But sometimes a small reward goes a really long way. Set a weekly or monthly reward that you can look forward to -- it can be as small or as big as you like and that your budget allows for. You deserve some love, too!

As I said, a small candle won't hurt and makes me feel so much better when working! I also got myself a small pencil case that's pretty and makes me smile a little when it sits on my desk and holds all my stationery (yes, I'm dorky like that). It costed less than $20 but it made my week! I also picked out a few new photographs to send to the printer so that I can pin those up on my vision board and switch out the old photos in my photo frame -- super win at only less than $5! What would lift your spirits? What would feel like a juicy reward? What have you had your eye on but never got around to buying? Use that as a reward! (Tip: Washi tapes count, too. Haha!)

4. Take a Social Media Vacation.

Trust me. I've been switching off and deleting social media apps from my phone, even Gmail, on weekends. I've done two weekends now, and sometimes I default to Facebook, but I hang around for three seconds and close the window. Progress, not perfection. But with a social media vacation, you can (and I promise you, you can!!!!) tick off even more items on your JOY list. Honestly! Mindless surfing adds up. And you will feel so, much, lighter afterwards. I pinky promise you.

I used the two weekends to catch up with the heart-full courses I have and webinars that I wanted to get to. It's surprising how much more time I have when I don't mindlessly surf. And how much more present I can be with my materials without defaulting to Facebook or Instagram or Pinterest. I also started calligraphy and looking at pretty things that I never got around to doing on weekends. I don't know where the time went, but I sure as heck knew that some went to social media! And I felt so recharged, refreshed and in love afterwards. It was like I fully absorbed what I loved doing in that weekend. Check, check and check!

Honestly, it really doesn't take much. But I assure you these make a difference. I feel so much better, always, after a little self care. Let me know how these tips go for you, and I'll be back for more things -- and I promise I'll show you my intentional haul (I don't go shopping very often!) that I got to last month when I was taking a break! Also, let me know the ways you do self-care. Help me add to this list!

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!