Shiny New Things + Bravery So Far

Just wanted to pop in real quick to share with you some of the shiny new things I've gotten as gifts so far this year. As you might recall, I can't do any more shopping for the year so I feel extremely blessed to be receive these pretty lil' things (mostly from my hubby, that awesome man!) and each of it is super useful (not to mention easy on the eyes as well) for me.

I also wanted to quickly share about the brave steps I've taken this year, so far. I wanna start a hashtag for this, like even if it's only for myself, because I can feel so strongly that this is a breakthrough year for my business and me that I want to take action, take positive risks and leaps that God points me to. #2014bravery

My shiny new things


The Moleskine Le Petit Prince journals are limited edition and already out of stock from the website, so I was super happy to be gifted one! Even though I already have a lot of stationery, Moleskines really makes me so creative and inspired - I love using my PIGMA Microns on Moleskines' acid-free paper. The planner is good for jotting down appointments and scribbling creative notes, whilst stuffing in day-to-day receipts, business cards, and grocery lists. I love me my Legacy Planner at home, don't get me wrong, but Moleskines are just so handy and simple for bringing out with me and getting the basics sorted out.

I haven't changed my phone case since getting my iPhone (around more than half a year back...) and have been using my free Hillsong Live case (gifted with the Glorious Ruins album). It was time for a (trendy) change and I was contemplating between this and the one with golden polka dots. My hubby decided this one fitted me the most and got me that for Valentine's Day! I am grateful and super happy for this practical but stylish gift. Kate Spade = win in my books. :)

My life-saving headset came into my collection because my ears hurt SO MUCH after a day of client meetings (all online) and a few hours of online training. Did some research and ended up with this gorgeous pair. They are relatively comfy and I'm happy with the sound quality so that's a win-win for me!

My brave new year

So far this year, I've:

  • pitched to 5 new potential clients;
  • done up my first video for the Legacy Planner;
  • given more advice than I ever had before (I used to think that everyone knew what I knew, but learned that it wasn't so! And I had to share!);
  • got a life coaching scholarship just by my words alone;
  • done up a Scholarship Video for the Marie Forleo B-School Scholarship;
  • looked for an online therapist to help me with my childhood issues;
  • spent a considerable amount on business coaching and courses (I've never dared to before);
  • opened up and spoken to more people about my story;
  • went for a singing audition for my church (I am scared to death about singing in front of others, I do have a Youtube channel but I sing to a computer y'know);
  • finally dared to tell people that what I did is more than design.

There's probably more that I don't remember, but hey, I'm giving myself a pat on the back anyway!

Onward! What shiny new things have you added to your collection so far this year? What brave new things have you done for yourself and your business this year? Share! I would love to listen!