Showcase: Kelly Dollinger


I haven't showcased my work for a while and I was recently reminded that I don't do it quite enough! The truth is, I spend so much time on my clients' brands and websites that after it's all launched, it's like I birthed a baby. And so often the process is so intense, so engaging and so wonderful that it does get quite exhausting. But in a good way. The happy and contented sigh way.

So today I present the "covergirl" brand and website for The Petite Co., it is a truly a project that's reflects the whole of Kelly's essence and she has amazing photography that goes so well with the website that's built.

I designed Kelly's brand and website from top to toe, and I am just in love with the soft colors that remind me of the sea every time I stumble upon her website. It is a sanctuary to whoever visits the site and truly speaks volumes of the work Kelly does, which is to use essential oils to improve people's lives in every way possible.

Sample1I created two main choices for her to choose from, before expanding it to more choices based on her preferred style. After many rounds of revisions, we settled on the one you see below.


Kelly's brand board featured her main logo, which was handwritten and fits oh-so-wonderfully into her website -- organic, natural and free. Her custom brand elements are like no other and the patterns are inspired by waves and their calming effect.


I also expanded her branding and identity into a full suite of stationery, should she ever need some, and the effect is equally breathtaking. Simple, natural, but elegant and sophisticated.


Her website was so meticulously designed to showcase the very best of her work. Unlike other websites, her navigation focused on the few main parts of the work she does and how she helps others. Each page of her site was customized and presented information without overwhelming her visitors. Everything was done with ease, which is so very her!


I hope you enjoyed the mini tour and showcase of Kelly's beautiful website. It was truly a joy to work with her. You can read her amazing testimonial for me here:

“My biggest hesitation in working with you was cost and ending up with a finished product that I hated, like I have in past projects. Overall, I’m SO much more confident with putting myself out there now that I have a classy, polish web presence that I’m super proud of. Makes all the difference in the world. Kara was so on TOP of everything, I knew that even when I was really busy that she had everything under control – and that is so nice, and RARE. She had my best interest in mind and I really trusted that she wanted me to end up with a product that I was obsessed with. I’ve noticed significantly more web traffic, and I’m not even doing anything differently. The site is more “sticky” – people hang around longer, see more pages and opt-in for more engagement. I would recommend Kara’s services to ANYONE who needs to get their dream started on the web. I never thought someone could drill into my head and really figure out what I needed and what would make me happy visually. And she nailed it. That to get the website of your dreams, you need to do the soul searching too. Kara perfected all my incomplete thoughts, drafts, ideas — but I had to at least have done the homework to describe to her what I envisioned. You are amazing and I’m lucky to have met you!”

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