How to Simplify Your Brand (& Why You Should!)


Branding can be really, really complicated. After all, a brand is made up of a lot of things. Between trying to figure out your core, nurture how potential customers view your business, and having your entire suite of brand identity elements (logo, colors, website etc) designed just right, it can be a lot of work.

But what it all boils down to is really one thing: being remembered. Staying top of mind for potential customers and being memorable. Leaving legacy.

Isn't that the end goal, really? To have people remember your brand so that they can reach out to you if they need a product like yours or a service you provide. 

So today we're really breaking it all down and making your brand really simple so that you can focus on building and growing what matters most to your customers, and stop getting overwhelmed by all the other stuff that seemingly makes a great brand but really just adds more to-dos to your already-full list.

1 :: Reframe your mindset 

So often, when we try to tackle branding, we think of a brand as mainly the "backend" of our business -- clarifying the business core and mission and then having the visuals reflect that. In that way, we really are putting way too much emphasis on ourselves

These things make up a good brand, yes, but they aren't the crux of a brand and it often becomes the tripping stone to us growing our business. We think that we need to talk to a coach to get clear on our business mission and goals. We think that we need to hire a great logo and web designer so that our "brand looks pretty". And so we avoid any real work behind creating a great brand... Figuring out what the people want.

The truth is, a brand is simply what people think of when they hear your brand name, and in that way, it exists only in that person's mind. (Forbes

Reframe your mindset and drop the excess, a brand is merely a perception. Our goal is to frame and nurture this perception in a genuine way.

2 :: Discover what brings them joy

Because a brand is merely a perception, all we have to do is simply to discover what brings your people joy. Often in business, we busy ourselves with setting up things that bring us joy over what brings your customers joy. We do lots of backend work that we know is good for the client, but that they quite honestly might not bother about or even understand.

A great (and smart) brand therefore pinpoints exactly where the client wants to feel joy when working with you, and caters its product or service and experience to just that. There is no perfect business, and many times as business owners we fall short. But if you know just what and where it matters most to your customer, bingo! You've hit jackpot.

I'm not asking you to give up or stop doing everything that they don't understand that is good for them (we run businesses with integrity, right?!), but to instead focus your efforts on things that are both good for them and that they (not you) care deeply about.

When you can fulfil the "joy requirements", you will automatically be a notch above the rest and be remembered for all the right reasons. 

3 :: Do the small things, and do them often

When you've hit the customer jackpot on the "joy factor", it's time to build on it. Discovering what they care about is your gateway to building trust (which leads to sales). You've heard about the know, like and trust factor, and this is really the third step.

Regularly providing information or help on the things that matter to your people, whether free or paid, is your key to getting into their hearts. You don't need a fancy logo or website, you don't need to have your brand mission and core all set in stone. Those are all good things, but by doing the small things, and doing them often, you not only are helpful, you become top of mind for them. And the bonus? You beat procrastination. You can get things done and build your business, and do them now.

Remember? Simple is my thing for 2017. Because small and simple get done. Big, lofty, complicated dreams are all well and good, but they also deter you from taking action

Your Small Great Task

What brings your customers joy and hits the experience of working with you right out of the park? What is the small thing you can do today to make it happen?