Small is (literally) the new big


I think I've written about this before, but I really, really enjoy being small. I've tried and hated branching out to have subcontracted freelancers and an assistant and things just wasn't happening. Part of me expanding was ego at the time, wanting to really show my growth as where I live, people actually judge the success of your business based on these things, so it made sense that it never really worked out the way I wanted it to. But lessons are a great part of business, right? Testing and pivoting is totally key.

So while I've got a bunch of automation tools in my repertoire to help me run the business solo, I've also really embraced the mindset of being small. This is not to say that I won't have a few helpers in the future, I love my CEO role and leading others as well, but right now it just isn't for me. Remember how I talked about seasons in business? This is one of them. Being a solopreneur is a great season right now in my business, and if it is also for you, but you've yet to fully step into the role, this post is for you!

I embraced being small once I believed fully in my heart that small is literally the new big. There are so many things small do better than big more easily that it is great to stay small (note on more easily. a well run "big" business can be equally great!) and be here for a while... Or even forever. So often we're burdened by the term "small business" because it makes us feel exactly that, small. Insignificant.

[inlinetweet prefix="" tweeter="thepetiteco" suffix=""]Small gives you the liberty to love big[/inlinetweet]

Doing small things with big heart is the rule here -- being small gives you so many opportunities and enables you to love big. Because we are targeting a much smaller audience, we are so much more connected to the people who matter and so much more involved as well. Through doing small and seemingly insignificant things with big heart, we get the chance to truly love on the people who matter and make a difference in their lives intentionally. Use small as your advantage and truly listen to the people who matter as much as you can, something that big companies definitely find hard to do, and spread your legacy right where you're at.

Small business, big on intimacy.

[inlinetweet prefix="" tweeter="thepetiteco" suffix=""]Small steps lead to big things[/inlinetweet]

You know how big steps seem so inspiring... yet are always so elusive? That's because small is literally the new big. Taking small steps is the only way to go to seize the inspiration, get the engines running, and make legacy happen! So often we see overnight successes and underdog stories that we forget that they started small, too. All it takes is one small step, and it takes you to the many big things you've always dreamed of. Being small gives you the liberty to take as many and as small steps as you want, so take away!

Small steps, big things.

[inlinetweet prefix="" tweeter="thepetiteco" suffix=""]Small connections spread big messages[/inlinetweet]

Or rather, small connections spread messages greatly. Because it's so easy to love on the people who matter when you're small, you're truly able to make a connection and have them listen to your message. Believe it or not, people stop and listen to what small businesses have to say more than the multitude of advertisements big companies constantly flash at them. Because you matter to them as much as they matter to your business. So take advantage of that small connection, engage and spread your message --  because that's what you started the business to do, isn't it? To spread a message bigger than yourself with the people who want to listen, and who matter to your cause.

Small connections, big impact.

[inlinetweet prefix="" tweeter="thepetiteco" suffix=""]Legacy is always, always big[/inlinetweet]

Because your small business is built on legacy, it is always meant for great things. By taking conscious action everyday to live out your legacy, you're completing the big picture. Following the strings of the tapestry. And nothing is more powerful, or bigger than that.

Small action steps, big legacy.

At the end of the day, it really is all about perception and how you view being small. If you embrace the power of small, you can do great things. I say, own the smallness and use it to your advantage...

Now, over to you, how can or do you live big in your small business?