Stop the Inspiration


Hey friends! I've been taking it slow on the blog front lately, mainly because I'm knee-deep in creation -- not only for my clients, but tons of stuff for you guys here too. It's a lot of behind-the-scenes work that's more "ugly" but that's got to be done, so I'm excited to see where this all pans out. I've been holding off blogging because as I've said before, I don't want to blog for the sake of blogging, I want the blog to be a true reflection of my heart, and be written out of a heart of servitude and joy.

It has also been part of the reason why I'm slower with posts this month... I've been feeling the urge to realign myself -- I started this blog really strong and talked often and bravely about my faith and my struggles, but somewhere along the way, in the midst of the hustle and bustle of being a small business owner (officially stopped being a freelancer and started being a true business owner today, after jumping through several hoops to make the business happen with the government, yay!), I lost that heart. I started posting on what I thought people wanted to read. Don't get me wrong, I love writing useful posts... But I also know that authenticity drove my business and my blog. I didn't want to become another blog who only talks about business, or work... I've always wanted this blog to reflect my heart. So I bought a Webinar Series that I'd been eyeing for a while, but was told I was "too advanced" for, that talked greatly about building businesses with heart and authenticity. I know I have so much to share about legacy and business and life, but somehow they are not getting churned out as they should... So I'm getting back on track with that. :)

In sort-of related news, I'd been browsing a blog and business I chanced upon when I saw the worst thing ever... Her blog and business looked almost entirely like someone else's.

Now, I don't know this lady at all, so I can't tell you if she was copied or if she copied, but I saw shadows of so many current "trendy" designers in her work. It was so apparent, and even her blog style, categories and writing echoed another famous web designer's. I felt a sinking in my stomach. It was too similar to be a complete coincidence.

It's so easy to fall into that trap, isn't it? When does inspiration get out of line, and become flat-out copying? I asked myself again and again whether I did incorporate new ideas I saw in other designers' work into my own. And I knew in my heart that I probably had from time to time, but not intentionally. I purposefully took projects of various, wide genres to push my creativity and test my skills as a designer, so that I will not fall into the trap of copying. I know it's not her fault, I know it's easy to blur that line.

But I grieve even more for the loss of creativity. You, the one who started your business, or blog, with gusto and passion, with a mission to change the world and inspire... You have so much more of you to offer. [Tweet "You have so much more of you to offer. - @bykaraanne #stoptheinspiration"] You don't need to look at other people's work, other people's designs or writing or style to be magnificent.

Creatives are, in fact, creative. So you are that.

Which is why part of my Start with Legacy Workshop has a challenge called The Originality Challenge (fine, the title's not the most original, but you get my drift) where I want my attendees to create something wholly original every morning, before they even look at what someone else has posted. It could be anything -- a poem, a design, an illustration, a paragraph of words... It didn't even matter. I just wanted to show people that you have what it takes to create what you want to create.

So today, I challenge you to stop the inspiration. Stop trawling Pinterest, Instagram, other blogs for inspiration, just try it for a week. Delve deep into your heart to discover what you want to create, and create that. It doesn't have to and will not be perfect, but it will be more you than you expected (I know that we have memories, I just want you to kickstart your creativity and enjoy that creative freedom).

Let your inner greatness shine. Embrace your imperfections. Live out your legacy.

I'm going through it with you, every step of the way.

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