Stop trying to be the next big thing


When we are so involved with the online business world and hanging out in it everyday, it can be easy to get caught up on everyone else's success stories. Especially with the wave of Marie Forleo's B-School 2015 launch just passing us, we hear stories left, right and center on how everyone else is like the next big thing. They are the up-and-coming Marie Forleos and Danielle LaPortes of the industry and you feel smaller and smaller each passing day.

I know, I've felt it so many times. And it's not jealousy, I get that. I am in awe and inspired and spurred by the other person's success. But then when I put the lens back on myself, I start asking silly questions like, Where is my six-figure launch to talk about? Why can't I do that webinar and get people listening? Why am I not as [insert area that needs to be improved] as [insert the next up-and-coming person]?

But the truth is... (are you ready for the truth bomb?)

You don't want to be the next big thing. Trust me.

The up-and-comers whom you call "the next big thing" don't want to be "the next big thing" either. Because if you realize, trends fade. "Next big things" get forgotten. So often, it is easy to get caught up in the story and then not following up with it. Some stories are sadly a flash in the pan. Others go on to live for a long time. And what separates the two, you may ask?


You knew I was going there. Business owners who intentionally and purposefully work on their business legacies set themselves apart, either knowingly or unknowingly. [inlinetweet prefix="" tweeter="@thepetiteco" suffix=""]We don't have to work at becoming the next big thing, we just have to work at building and cultivating our business legacies.[/inlinetweet] You get the shortcut right off the bat! Don't chase after the shiny objects or someone else's journey to success, start building your business legacy instead.

1. Legacy gives you focus.

Businesses who have something great to share and pass on don't only leave legacies, they live them. So maybe we should start working backwards, instead of forwards. Instead of looking at the gigantic mountain to climb to become "the next big thing," why not come up with your preferred legacy and success, and then work backwards from that?

Will the decision you make today leave the legacy you want to leave? Are the services you're offering now in line with your legacy, or was it introduced just because you saw "the next big thing" launch something similar to great success? How can you approach that angry customer today in a way that lives out your legacy? 

2. Legacy gives you insight.

The beauty of letting legacy lead is it inevitably creates your unique blueprint without having to rely on combining everyone else's. Your legacy will shine forth in you so much more than anyone else's, and it only takes you. No more of a million and one coaches or programs telling you how you should or shouldn't grow your business, no more ogling the success of "the next big things" and not knowing whether their methods work for you. It's all you.

3. Legacy makes things happen.

I've said this before and I'll say it again -- when you know what legacy you want to leave, you know how to live. So legacy isn't about absorbing more information. Legacy is all about doing the work and making things happen. Because you can't leave your legacy just by thinking about it. Or just talking about it. You have to do something and live it out for others to see for themselves. Legacy isn't like an ad you can purchase to convince someone that you are an authority or an expert -- it is through the living that people experience your legacy.

Action step for today:

Look at your business (and your life even!) with a legacy perspective. What legacy are you actively living and leaving through your business? How can you use that to direct your insecurities?


If you read this and realized you might need a little help with clarifying your legacy and using that to reach your business goals (with real strategies)... I've got the perfect help for you. I created LIVE YOUR LEGACY to handhold some of the best business owners who just need a little help to stop procrastinating and dilly-dallying, to get their act together and really strategize to reach those audacious goals and live out their legacy. If that is you, visit the page to know more and sign up. (Psst! It's crazy affordable, too!)


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