Talking Legacy

mar_legacyToday I wanted to talk about something very close to my heart - something that I've written about extensively and something that is probably not new to my followers. But I've never really talked about this on the blog, and after two weeks of B-School and a lot of furious reading, I really think that this is something that I need to talk about.

Beginning of 2014 was a big time for me. After I passed my 22nd birthday I was fast realizing how time could pass me by (my mother always told me that time would fly after your 21st birthday), and I didn't want to waste another minute of it running an okay business. I wanted it to be the year of miracles, fruition and dreams. The courage to dream is something that I've only started to learn last July, when I discovered the US/UK market and decided to plunge into becoming an international business instead of a local agency.

And if you've read my book, The Legacy Mindset (free for download), you would have known that the word LEGACY came very much from God. I had been praying for my three biggest wishes for 2014 as per our church traditions, and was specifically praying for a business breakthrough (my first time ever). And I had also been praying for a word for 2014, also as per our church traditions. And I was graciously granted with two. Legacy, and purpose. On my birthday. On a mall escalator when I was talking about big dreams with my wonderful husband (also God-given).

This year, I would live on purpose. I would live out a true, authentic legacy. I will stand for my message that will be passed on to generations to come. And I will impact the world, change it even, in small but significant ways. I was here to build on my amazing, awesome legacy which would be my biggest testimony yet.

So I got to work almost immediately. I finished my first-ever, 20+ page eBook that was free for download. I talked about legacy day and night, and I doubted myself many times over whether I could correctly portray this idea of legacy in my mind into words. It was so big, so strong for me that I trembled when I spoke about this legacy mindset. It was one of those moments that you knew without doubt that the word was given, not thought of. That I had a responsibility to share it with the world however I could.

And you know the most magical thing of all? Last week, I got The War of Art by Steven Pressfield on my Kindle, after hearing rave reviews for a year. And this week, I got The Promise of a Pencil by Adam Braun, following a post I found on Fast Company about the author and an interview on MarieTV. And they both spoke exactly what I felt. I have never read either of these books till these two weeks. It was mind-blowing and very unbelievable. Steven Pressfield talked about Resistance in its many forms, perhaps the most accurate descriptions of the things I've not done in my life I have ever read. Adam talked about the surge of electricity and sureness he felt when he first had the idea of Pencils of Promise. I was floored.

This had to be a divine sign. I was surer than ever about the legacy mindset, surer than I'd ever been for any idea I've had for my business.

And I was at a lull recently. I had stopped creating or taking on clients because I wanted to give my 150% to B-School since I had invested a substantial amount of money into it. I wanted to fully utilize these two months to level up my business, my strengths, my abilities and my smarts. I had intended on taking the Creating Fame full on on April 10, while B-School was still running, in its second month. I just signed up for Pretty Perfect Process by Design Life Project and finished it in one sitting. I also signed up for two extensive Nicole's Classes to up my designer game.

I was busy, but I wasn't earning any money. Instead, I was spending more money than I've ever had in my three years of business. It was, quite simply put, cray-cray.

And I was condemning myself up, down, left, right, centre. I kept feeling lazy as I saw all my B-School counterparts and peers busying themselves with full time work and trying to squeeze in time for B-School, whilst I sit here, bringing in no income and finishing up the modules on time by Wednesday and even finding time to do the modules twice. Although I know April will be another hectic month of learning, I still felt useless. And scared. And Resistant.

Until I read those two books, of which the latter changed my life forever (insert dramatic stage music). Honestly, whilst The War of Art pushed me further out of my comfort zone than I ever dared to feel and encouraged me to go all in, or all out in my business to be a professional and not an amateur, to show up fully and design and learn and create and connect endlessly and constantly, The Promise of a Pencil dug deeper into my core than I've ever dared to, or could, dig. In the space of two days (of me reading the book), I've discovered that I need to do so much more for this legacy of mine, that was not for me, but for others. I've discovered deep within that I was created, put on this earth, carefully protected and kept safe and well for a bigger purpose, one much, much bigger than me or my business.

I need to do more, that small, still voice inside of me said. My God has opened my eyes to such an amazing journey that I cannot just turn away from. It was a divine sign.

So I need to talk to you about this: My friends, it is time. It is time to let go of your ego, your pride, your fear, your doubts... And live out your legacy. It is time to acknowledge that deeper sense of purpose and power inside of you - that speaks to you in that small, still voice saying, "this can't be it, there's gotta be more for me here," and take control of it. Let it flow through your entire being and let it take action. Open your eyes, and your heart to the divine signs that are around you, that speak to you constantly if only you would just listen. If only you would just slow down that city walking pace and see and feel with your heart. Truly see. Truly marvel at your ability to see, walk, hear, touch and feel. And realize that you were wonderfully and fearfully made, and you were not an accident. Or a coincidence. You are a legacy. You have a purpose.

I have decided to start a fundraiser later this year. I am getting everything in order - but I want social accountability. I almost backspaced this as I typed it, but it is going into the world. The fundraiser will not only be for Pencils of Promise, but also for another cause (and man) dear to my heart, Restore International by Bob Goff. I am looking to incorporate some animal beneficiaries for the fundraiser, but baby steps and deep breaths. I will get there, because I am meant to.

Your dreams hold much more power than you realize.

It has been an amazing week of epiphanies, and actually finding my ideal client avatar personified. Can you believe it? This wonderful lady has materialized out of (relatively) thin air and we are looking to work together. I am currently not only designing, but mentoring five awesome entrepreneurs, guiding them to their legacy and how to live it out through entrepreneurship (how crazy is that? Seriously!). And I have received the most wonderful of testimonials for my Legacy Planner, which is still for sale individually or together with the March Small Business Bundle (also for a good cause, 10% of each sale goes to business training for women in Africa). It has been an amazing week, of happy tears. I am beyond blessed. I cannot wait for the rest of the year.

All these begin with a dream, and materialized slowly because I recognized my legacy.

Friends, this post was right from my heart. I look forward to seeing so many more people rediscovering and living out their legacy like never before. I look forward to seeing a world with so many legacy makers, revolutioners, troopers, creators and ground-shakers. It is happening.