Tone Down the Money Talk


As I spoke about in my previous blog post, I really fell into the trap of wanting to be like the next big thing. I did webinars, I promoted myself, I did everything I could that the "successful" people did so that I could feel like I was on track to become successful. That I was hustling. That I was "getting there." It was the same old trap, again and again, and it was so easy to fall into it. As soon as I wasn't fully aligned to my legacy and started doing things out of comparison, I fell into that deep, dark hole.

Part of the illusion is that there was a "there." In today's entrepreneur world, especially online, the six- or seven-figure business was an elusive "there" that many of us try to reach. We place that goal on a pedestal and start to believe that it was our "there." There isn't.

I walked into this legacy movement because I knew there wasn't a "there." There was only constantly working on what mattered to you and making a difference with that. Thinking that there was a there was making me all overwhelmed and feeling like a failure. The truth is, there is only your legacy to leave. Your legacy is and will be built upon and refined over your entire life, and your business is an extension of that. [inlinetweet prefix="" tweeter="thepetiteco" suffix=""]So there is no there. There is only your legacy.[/inlinetweet] Aligning your work and your decisions to it will help you stay on course and continue doing the things that light you up and move your legacy forward.

So that's why I wanted to tone down the money talk. Business is about profits as much as it is about your legacy sometimes. I get that. We all need to pay the bills and survive and if we can making amazing things happen in the midst, that is great. The dangerous part about money talk is that sometimes, unknowingly, it becomes all about the money. It becomes more about doing what makes you more money than actually aligning to your legacy. It becomes more about chasing what other people have. And all of that chasing often makes us feel less than and unsuccessful.

Today I want to challenge you to tone down the money talk (please still get your finances in order!) in your business and stop selling with money and start selling with your legacy. I challenge you to go back to the essence of your business and the bigger message you wanted to spread and impact the world with. And then use that and work it into your copy. Your blog posts. Your social media posts. I guarantee you there'll be so much more heart and meaning to what you share.

Sure, six- and seven-figures are great, they really are. I have nothing against making good money doing what you are called to do. But let's pull it back and remember the people who matter to your business, and how you matter to them. Pull it back to what your legacy means to you, and what it means to your business. Instead of trying to make something that you might not even need or want your goal.

Because legacy businesses are more than that. YOU are more than the money talk.

P.S.: There's a time and place for everything! If the "money talk" needs to be there to complete your legacy story, go ahead! Just don't make it the focus and the end-all-be-all of your business. You have a legacy to leave!