Unexpected Harvests

I never intended to blog today, some lame rule in the back of my mind (from some webinar somewhere) telling me not to blog more than four times a month because I might then run out of content and lose my followers forever... And also because my slight 'Type A' character wanted to finish building out my new blog layout before I blogged (silly me). But it was time for my goals check-in and I was so excited to see Lara's post this morning that it was the first thing I did after my morning Bible study and e-mail clearing.

Before I share my thoughts on my check-in and a bonus little freebie I was inspired to create, I wanted to share with you the completed brand board for By Kara Anne! I wanted to launch it as a surprise, together with the new blog layout, but I just couldn't wait! Looking forward to hear what y'all think because I truly love my new brand for the blog!

bka_moodboard styleboard

OK, now back to business...

Goal check-ins are always so refreshing and are sometimes, put quite bluntly, a smack in my face. They bring out the negative nellies in me that constantly remind me how much I have not done, how little progress I've made. But y'all, like the devil leaving out "Beloved" when talking to Jesus going through temptation, our negative nellies make us focus on the bad and lose sight of the good.

Any progress is progress. Done is better than perfect, progress, not perfection.

I have made small progress since my last check-in. I have not worked as hard as I wanted to on my goals, and I have allowed myself a little bit too much flexibility in my Bible study (which actually means I have fallen back more than four weeks of my Bible reading plan), and I have not worked at my business as I should have. But it does no one good to dwell on time lost, and I really would much prefer to focus on finishing up the rest of 2013 with a bang.

Oh, I am so ready for 2014. 2013 has been a lull, a rather slow (but frighteningly fast in real time) ride that has been cruel, awakening, lousy and enlightening at the same time. I had much more epiphanies and a-ha moments this year, but I also had much more self-doubt and condemnation this year. And I am slowly but surely getting back in stride, to start 2014 off awesomely.

I have since caught up with more than 3 weeks worth of Bible reading, prayed over my situations more than I ever would have in 2012, and slowly learning to hold loosely to earthly possessions and commit my life and business to His hands. I will not go into the specifics today, but I have made very little progress and some backward steps. And the past month's worth of life slapping me in the face has made me need to depend on God even more in my life. To let Him direct my paths, execute His plans for my life and use me for His purposes. How foolish I was... To think that I could obstinately go my own way and build my life on my terms. His terms, y'all. Why would I want my earthly terms? They bring nothing but sorrow.

I am getting ready for a few print launches, working hard on my The Petite Co. site (will be sharing a sneak peek of that brand board as well!) and praying, praying constantly, whenever I can, to let Him take the wheel in my life. And whilst I am not yet ready (still praying!) to write about the past month's awfulness and share my vulnerability with the world, I am meditating on this and letting God's words wash over me whenever I feel anxious, inadequate or lost.

It is well with my soul. It is well with my soul. It is well with my soul...

No matter what trials, what confusing circumstances, what awful situations, what new experiences, what positive risks you are going through and taking right now, I know how hard it is to find peace within. How the conflicting voices of flesh and spirit rage within us, how the devil rouses unsuspecting emotions within us that makes us doubt ourselves, our God, our strengths and our lives... Just pray, pray over the situation, read the Bible, find the answers in the Book of Life...

And meditate that it is well with my soul. It is. He has placed peace upon my heart. He has given comfort. He has protected.

It is well with my soul. And it truly is. I will blog about my vulnerability soon. I can do all this through Him who gives me strength. (Philippians 4:13) 

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